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Registered: ‎08-25-2017
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DPT-RP1 Feature request - navigation and zoom gestures

[ Edited ]

As I’ve been using the DPT-RP1, I keep wanting more convenient navigation gestures. This following is a more focused version of my earlier feature requests posts, which has gone AWOL perhaps after one too many edits?


The following suggestions are easy to implement, and match very common choices on other devices. I think these would greatly improve the navigation experience on the RP1.





1. Tap near the edge to switch pages. Easier and keeps the screen cleaner.

2. Hyperlink navigation: swipe right/left for back/forward (requires request 1)

3. Swipe from top to invoke the top menu



Zoom gestures:


4. Double tap to toggle zoom on/off (default: 200%) with zoom center at tap location

5. Pinch-zoom in: activate the current zoom dialog. Allow touch-drawing of zoom area

6. Swipe in any direction while zoomed: move page view by 80 percent in that direction

7. Pinch zoom out while zoomed: return to full-page view

8. Pinch zoom out while at full page view: show 16-page overview



How do these compare to existing devices:


1. Amazon’s Kindle already uses edge-tap-to-advance

2. Safari on iOS already uses swipe right/left to navigate back/forward

3. Swipe from top on iOS also invokes a menu (notifications, and action center on the iPhone X)

4. Safari already uses double tap to zoom in/out

5, 7 and 8. Pinch zoom is common in all touch devices

6. This is the only unusual one, necessitated by the slow refresh rate of e-ink.


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Re: DPT-RP1 Feature request - navigation and zoom gestures

When I read PDFs on my iPad I very often use the crop feature in "Goodreader" - you easily can adjust the visible area for all pages of the document to maximize the content size displayed on the screen. This often makes sense for me, even on a 12" iPad because the screen is noticeable smaller than an A4 sheet. This is something I would like to get for the DPT-RP1 as well: Activate the crop function, place 2 dots on the screen with the pen marking the kitty-corner edges. Crop done.

Posts: 32
Registered: ‎08-25-2017
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Re: DPT-RP1 Feature request - navigation and zoom gestures

I am eagerly awaiting a firmware update. Is there any chance that gestures support will be expanded? Ideally exactly as I proposed above? Smiley Happy

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Re: DPT-RP1 Feature request - navigation and zoom gestures

[ Edited ]

Nice question, I'd like to learn more about it.






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