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Gave idea to Joe Novelli for DPT-RP1, but won't help root.

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A couple of years before the DPT-RP1 was introduced, I reached out to Joe Novelli, VP of EReaders in the US.  At the time I had figured out how to root the PRS-T1 e-reader and had written medical forms software for it, and I also installed Open Data Kit (open source survey software) with the intent to replace paper and scanning that is not only costly but compromises patient confidentiality. 


The downside of the PRS-T1 is that it was small and ugly and slow. I gave Joe the idea that if Sony could make it the size of a piece of paper, add palm rejection, flatten it and open it to developers, it could capture many markets outside of consumer products. The market I was catering to at the time was medical.


A couple of years later the DPT-RP1 was introduced, not with all the features I suggested and still ugly, but much more functional. Unfortunately, it was horribly too expensive.Today's product is much nicer (screen flush with bevel) and a little cheaper, but not cheap enough.


I contacted Joe after I saw the device and he referred me to the new VP. I was simply interested in developing software for it. It isn't hard for them to offer it or expensive, as their own development team has what I needed. All they needed to do was share it with a contract indemnifying them. I didn't even want any of their software. Just a rooted device.


That went nowhere. Why not simply ask one of their developers to spend 10 minutes to share their procedure for rooting, and send me a bare-bone device. They'd get back that 10 minutes with merely one of the devices I'd purchase for R&D. Not too smart I think blowing me off. 


Recently I saw the reMarkable tablet, which is cheaper and strong competition for the DPT-RP1. I'd prefer the Sony device but not without instructions to root. If I could get instructions (that worked) I'd buy it right now! Again, it wouldn't need any of the consumer software it usually comes with. And I could do the heavy work in building an SDK Sony can sell (I'd benefit from being able to customize it).


Otherwise, I have no choice but to crowd fund my own Mobius-Android device and wait until the hardware is solid before selling an SDK for it. Not a difficult endeavor really but time consuming and I would prefer to begin writing custom software for customers right away. And if I produce my own device I will certainly go after the consumer electronics market as well. Cool thing is that I know I can offer a cheaper price point than Sony or reMarkable.


If this gets anyone's attention toward my goal, please reply.



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