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Registered: ‎07-21-2017
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How to unsync a non-existing folder?

The Problem: I keeps getting the following error message: "Unable to find folder set for syncing in the computer", even when I have deleted the folder both on the DPT device and the local machine that I am trying to sync the DPT to. I cannot fix the problem as I no longer have the DPT folder on my device. Nor, should it make sense to create the "missing" folder: I don't need that folder to begin with. So, some *update* internal to the DPT device, or the DIgital Paper App, should be the solution.


Here goes the screenshot:



Usage description:

I am syncing the DPT device to three PCs, and one Mac. The local folders on the computers are syncted through Dropbox. So, all the local changes are uniform across all the PCs. However, none of the copies of the Digital Paper App on the different machines can talk to each other. This may be the origin of the problem.


Potential solutions:

Dear Sony engineers: please come up with some claver way to have the settings for the Digital Paper App synchronized. It does not even have to be done remotely. Just slice a tiny segment in internal storage of DPT, and have it contain the Digital Paper App setting. Then, at the user's discretion, one can choose to have the setting (from the preivous connected computer) synced to the current computer.

Posts: 26
Registered: ‎07-21-2017
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Re: How to unsync a non-existing folder?

Ok, with no one giving it a ******, here goes what I have gone through to fix this syncronization probelm. The general take-away is:

1. You need to be very careful with the Digital Paper App;

2. If nothing works, try restarting your windows machine Smiley Happy


Step 1: wiping out eveyrthing

1. Restore the DPT-RP1 device back to the factory setting. This means you are deleting all the good documents you have stored in the device. You are never too careful to have backed up all the files. (The easiest way to backup your files, is to link all the folders on the DPT device to your local folders sitting on your hard drive.)

2. Uninstall the Digital Paper App on your desktop machine


Step 2: start again

1. Use the USB cable to connect the DPT device back to the computer (you need this USB connection for the first round)

2. Setup the syncronization folder (remember those backup folders?)

3. With the USB connection, restore all the good Wi-Fi settings;

4. Try to set up the Bluetooth connection.(This part took me the longest time.)


Sidenote, on Restoring Bluetooth connection:

Again, you are never too careful to go delete everything leftover: be it the "existing" Bluetooth connections on the DPT device, or the trace of potentially existing Bluetooth connections on your PC/Mac. Delete these before moving on.

Also, what helped me, as it applies to all the Windows machine, is a old trick: if things are not working as they should have been, just reboot/restart the machine. It took me a good 30 minutes to figure this out.

[Yes, you may see your DPT-RP1 Bluetooth connection breaking out through the Windows Bluetooth Settings, but don't worry. As long as you have the Bluetooth paired for once (freshly, after deleting all the old traces), you are good to go. Don't hesitate to reboot the machine as it really helped me out.]


Observation for a stable Bluetooth connection:

1. No, you are not going to see the DPT-RP1 recognized as a Bluetooth device through the Windows Bluetooth manager;

2. Yes, if you start the Digital Paper App once your machine reboots, there you go. Wihtout a cord connecting the two, you are getting that wireless connection.



For now, I have happily restored functionality of the DPT connection to my workhorse machine. Will report back to this page if I should have trouble restoring connection to all my other computers.

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Re: How to unsync a non-existing folder?

Thanks for sharing... ran into this issue myself. I consider removing everything and putting it back on, but I'm dreading it now... oh well. I just recieved my unit and noticed a dead strip of pixels across the bottom where little is often displayed... I noticed my file names shown at the bottom were cut off. Yipeee, so I have a second on order from Amazon and will see for sure if this is a defect. 

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