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Registered: ‎08-02-2017
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I would like to see the DPT-RP1 software have capability (un)common in Chrome

Informing the discussion of what's effective software for reading electronic documents on the Sony DPT-RP1, I think we should look to the diverse community of great browser extensions. I use Safari, Firefox, and Chrome desktop browsers. When I need to do some research,I like these five extensions for Chrome:
1.) Super Simple Highlighter
This extension let’s user create persistent text highlights on a webpage. Highlights can be tagged, color coded and exported as Markdown. Makes taking notes brilliant and simple (plain text/markdown gr-ocks! )
2.) Export History
Export your entire Chrome browsing history as CSV Excel-readable spreadsheet or JSON. Makes it easy to reconstruct the thread of your reading—mostly useful when using search engines and when you realize something you didn't bookmark two hours ago was likely a good idea.
3.) Multi-Highlight
Takes a list and highlights those words on a webpage. Highly facilitates scanning a document for known information.
4.) Web page sticky notes
Append notes to webpages. A real no-brainer for PDFs, and useful for some older long-text websites.
5.) Bookmark Tagging
This extension allows you to manage your bookmarks with tags other than folders. This is also a highly sought-after feature for the DPT-RP1.
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