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Registered: ‎08-02-2017
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Need ability to organize files on DPT-RP1

I purchased the DPT-RP1 this week. 


The hardware is practically perfect.

A true win for anyone who needs to read PDF at full size.


For the Software,

An important aspect of reading a lot of files is the need to name and organize files. Naming function works great. 

Files can be organized with access to directories and capability to move files. Or, keyword tag support and category sorting (just like this web community!)



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Re: Need ability to organize files on DPT-RP1


Hi, Xtiansimon


Thank you for your input. 


You seem to like most of the features and functions of Sony DPT-RP1 and we are glad to hear this. You can actually use the Digital Paper App to organize your files. This app allows you to create new folders on the Digital Paper, as well as rename, move, copy, and delete the existing folders/documents: are not quite sure yet what changes will be made or features will be added in case Sony will release a software update for DPT-RP1. eSupport website will be updated for any updates of the said unit. 


Best regards, 





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Registered: ‎08-02-2017
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Re: Need ability to organize files on DPT-RP1

Digital Paper App is on the desktop.

Just yesterday I was reloading my device after having scanned over 60 papers. They were organized in my To_Read folder. In there I know there are about five papers I had decided to read again. I wanted to remove the 55 papers I wasn't interested to reread, but which ones?

Unfortunately I must open each one again to determine that. If I was able to organize these at time of reading with directory management or tag/categories I would not need to repeat my work. A perfect example of inefficiency.

Sorry Vincent, more work is needed to meet my minimum software expectations .
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Registered: ‎07-21-2017
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Re: Need ability to organize files on DPT-RP1

@xtiansimon, my walk-around for file-managing on the DPT-RP1 device is as follows:


Instead of asking anything new from SONY, try to first set up two syncrhonized folders, let them be TO_Read, and Archive. Then, in terms of file-organization, you just move files around. For the five papers that you identify, I believe you can locate them more easily on your computer. Then, do the maneuver on your local file system, and have the changes synced to the DPT device.


PS: my experience per interaction with the development team is that, they are not going to accomodate for their customers. And, they probably don't like me (as none of my posts got replied after being out there for months). I was asking for help with connecting to WiFi back in the old days with DPT-S1, and it took me forever to get *any* help.


Hope my post helps you.

Posts: 14
Registered: ‎08-02-2017
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Re: Need ability to organize files on DPT-RP1


"For the five papers that you identify, I believe you can locate them more easily on your computer."


Well, actually, I can best identify them when I'm reading them. hehe.



First, I'm hoping to shame the eReader project managers at Sony who didn't think it was important to:

- design a slider that's not the same size for 8 pages as it is for 800 pages, as the latter is useless.

- have capacity to organize files in folders--I'm reading many files and I don't want to repeat my work when I get back to the desktop!


Second, I'm hoping to educate the design team on usecase which could make the Sony line of eReaders amazing:

- Research: How to Read a Book by Mortimer Adler and Charles Van Doren (1940) 1970.

- Notation system usable for computer vision, handwritten notes, and text files which could extend the current set of only two searchable marks. You don't need a lot, as I demonstratw.

- Chrome extensions which give examples of some of my most desired functions: export types notes & highlights to text file, document tagging, in document sticky notes, and multi-highlight in document.


I don't hold much faith that any one of my suggestions will be incorporated.

That said, I still think feedback has a place.


Posts: 19
Registered: ‎07-21-2017
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Re: Need ability to organize files on DPT-RP1

@xtainsimon: your comments are way more constructive than what I have to say. I would like to agree with anything that you have said: the suggestions, the recommendataions and the good/hopeless wishes.


But, apart from all the good things that can only happen in the future (upon somebody's effort), let me provide some truthful comments based on my experience from the DPT-S1 days.



Here goes what I was taught from previous interactions with the Sony DPT team (from an elder device DPT-S1):


Out of the box, the device CAN connect to Enterprise WiFi. Upon the first firmware update, it is taken back. This means something real bad: no more sycnronization in my workplace, where I spend most of my time in.


I may have spent even 10 hours in total just to get this information through!!!! The F**K support team who answered the phone had me to do a lot of nonsense tests, and was not at all able to identiy the problem. I was later connected (through email), to someone higher in the rank. Still, the best this dude was able to offer was a replacement to the device. Up to today, I still have not heard any word, officially, on the fact that it was the firmware update that caused the WiFi connection problem. The thought at the time was that: they would like to have their SONY customer pay for a third-party service provider, which was like a e-library service for REAL professionals. The entrance fee to such service is over 10K as I can recall.


This gets me in the shoe of having to manually plug, and move files around, as if the DPT-S1 device was a giant USB disk with a humongous screen.


More bad things that I got from *personal interactions* when seeking for help: the deputies at the other end of the line, should start complaining about the telephone-line, when he was not able to provide a solution. What's worse, these guys should hang up the phone without giving a call-back.


In short, I cannot agree more with how irresponsive, or irrespective, or irresponsible, the development + support team should have been. And, I am just curious how these guys are going to improve. Maybe I should need a magnifying glass to see those potential improvements.


[Note to someone who attempts to delete this post: SHAME ON YOU for deleting a post that contains nothing other than FACTS.]

Posts: 19
Registered: ‎07-21-2017
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Re: Need ability to organize files on DPT-RP1

I just found a more responsible/respectful channel of connection:

Call: Phone: 1-239-245-6320
Time: Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM ET

The lady that I talked to was super helpful, in that she is really patient and was trying her best to bare with the *bad line*. No excuse of the "line quality" was used, and she was superb. I should have taken her name down Smiley Happy

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