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Registered: ‎12-17-2017
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Walkman NW-WS623 Doesn't Turn on Consistantly

This has recently begun happening. Normally, the device will turn on after holding the power button for 3 seconds. However, I've recently had to hold the button for an absurd amount of time just to turn it on (think 30 seconds at a time), and sometimes even that doesn't work. Sometimes even holding for 10 seconds (restarting) doesn't even warrent the usual response (lamp flashing green twice)


It has been very inconsistant in it's powering on: some days it'll be just fine, and others it shows no sign of response (no lamp, sound). I have been very careful when using the earphones, and have not used it in water. I can still feel and hear the button click when I push down on it, and I've reset and restarted to no avail. Even when I charge it there are times where it will flash yellow once, and then go completely dark. 


There is also an issue where the silicone portion above the plastic player on the left side has begun to give way to a large gap, and even detach completely. I did not pull it off, and have no idea why it has done this. I've tried to reattach it but the gap is still there and detaches often. Are there any solution to this smaller problem?


I would appreciate any solutions, as I really enjoy using this product a lot. Even recommending a repair location would be helpful. 


Thank you!

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