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How to install hotstar on W950C Sony TV

Dear Team,


Wants to install hotstar on my W950C Sony tv so that I can watch TV programs through this. I tried doing it through google play however hotstar is not searchable in google play. Please help.


Also do I need to get my TV updated time to time as its Android TV...if yes then how...please suggest.




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Re: How to install hotstar on W950C Sony TV

Hi prakashravi12



Welcome to the Sony Community! 



Thanks for your post. The list of available applications will be updated automatically once your device is connected to the Internet. The availability of Android apps varies depending on your country or location of residence. For further assistance regarding your concern, please contact the Sony offices/Sony representative offices nearest to your place of residence in Asia Pacific region Due to proximity, they are in a better position to respond to your questions or concerns.


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Re: How to install hotstar on W950C Sony TV

Thanks for your response. I live in Mumbai and hotstar is a very common application which is easily available through play stores however not available in Google play store which is strange because referring Google play store it looks like Google only focus on chargeable applications. I bought this Android tv so I expect I can install application of my choice as I do on my Android phone. If your TV cant provide me that flexibility then I feel I have wasted my 80K to buy this TV. Please suggest.

Ravi Prakash
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Re: How to install hotstar on W950C Sony TV

This is not a problem that is caused by Sony, or one that Sony can fix....


Apps won't show up in the Play Store on the TV unless they have been certified by the developer for AndroidTV. 


An app needs a "10 Foot interface" (e.g., can be controlled via a tv remote control, formats itself and content properly for a large screen TV, etc.) before a developer would want to let customers load it on their TVs. Otherwise they'd get all kids of "Your app is ******!!!" ratings in the app store when the experience on a TV was confusing/hard/broken. 


The app you're looking for hasn't been updated for use on Android TV so it won't show up when you look for it from the app store on the TV.  And if you go to the Play Store on your web browser on your laptop, you'll see the app listed, but if you try to select your TV as the target device to install it on, you'll see that your TV is listed as not supporting that app. 


So your options are: 


 - Wait, maybe the app will be updated for AndroidTV, ask the Developer to support AndroidTV

 - Find an alternative app that supports AndroidTV

 - You could use the app from your phone if the app supports Chromecast - you can cast it to the TV (TV has google cast built in).  You could also use the Chromecast app on your phone to see if the option to cast your screen to the TV worked - 1) Cast your screen using the Chromecast app; 2) Open the other app and use it. 

 - Sideload the app on your TV (this requires you getting the APK off your phone (requires Root) or finding it for download somewhere). Once sideloaded apps will update when updates are available in the Play Store. 


Sideload issues:


1. Requires root to pull the apk off your phone, or you have to find the APK on the internet, risk that you get a hacked version of the APK.  

2. If you sideload, you will probably need to use the Sony Sideview app's TV control options, or a keboard/mouse connected to the TV via USB/Bluetooth to control the app properly, as it won't be configured to work w/your standard remote. If you have the Touch remote that could work. 

3. You won't see the app in your normal Home screen on the TV.  You'll also need to install (from the Play Store on your TV) an alternative launcher (home screen app) like "Sideload Launcher" or "HAL" - those will allow you to see apps that aren't enabled for Android TV. 


SIdeload instructions below - they are for another Android TV device, but they apply to doing this on Sony Android TVs as well.
2015 X850C FAQ for Setup, Picture settings, 3D, HDR, DirecTV 4K, and Troubleshooting.
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Re: How to install hotstar on W950C Sony TV

I have W80C model.


I was using Casting when wanted to connect Hotstar, but stopped working since Sunday.



The TV screen shows a Big Copywright logo. Tried uninstall the latest Google Cast update on the TV and tried But still no Luck.




ppg Specialist
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Re: How to install hotstar on W950C Sony TV

Here is latest response from Hotstar:



Dear User, 

Thank you for writing to Hotstar. 

We completely understand that our viewers' need to view content on the big screen/Smart TV's. Hence, we are glad to inform you that we are already working on making Hotstar compatible with Smart TV's and will be made available soon. In the meanwhile, your patience is appreciated. 

Stay connected for more updates.
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Re: How to install hotstar on W950C Sony TV

[ Edited ]

Bro, I also had the same problem, for tv it will not be available as soon I think, so I bought Google Chromecast from Flipkart and now I am enjoying all the hotstar HD updates thoroughly, hotstar is a must to have app for me as I am die hard cricket fan and my life without cricket n hotstar ******. 


So, If you can afford than, you must buy Google Chromecast from Flipkart, it will be in approx 3.2K INR, and it is very easy to operate, just one click and boom, I found a full guide on hotstar app website.


So, bro, I also got Chromecast in 3k and I just love it, my tv is also not smart tv but chromecast make it smartest.




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Re: How to install hotstar on W950C Sony TV

W950C has built in Chromecast..

ppg Specialist
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Re: How to install hotstar on W950C Sony TV

Hotstar App is now available for Android TVs

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Re: How to install hotstar on W950C Sony TV

Hi Ppg,


Welcome to Sony Community!


Due to your location, please contact the nearest Sony office to you. You can find this information at AsiaPacific. Hope this helps!



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