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Registered: ‎12-01-2017
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Netflix Sony KDL-32W706B - Fix it or give me my money back!

Like many people reported all over the world I'm having issues with the Netflix App.

So why another post? Because I've not found one that has all the issues in one place and they are serious because this was one of the more expensive TV models at the time for a 32 inches TV. I payed for it, as most of the customers, because we believe that we here were paying for "quality"!

The Netflix app is the one below:


Software Version

Netflix Version
nrdapp 2014.1.3 / nrdlib 2014.1.3 / mdxlib 2014.1.3 / mdxjs / nrdjs v2.22.26

Platform version
SDK:4.1.3:2236721 / sdkver 4.1.3

Device Model

UI Build

Now the problems:

1- Sometimes the app just crashes/closes without any error when starting a Netflix show.
It's really annoying, but I can live with it, since it does not happens all the times and usually after 3 or 4 times the show starts OK

2- The app does not stream at the highest quality (press the info button in the remote and cry)

I've a 100Mbps Internet connection. On a PC I get +30Mbps streaming speed and on the TV it does not go above 3.17Mbps!

Some shows just stream at 720p and I bought a 1080p TV...

This is a major issue!


I've performed a factory reset, changed the DNS server to Google, assigned a static IP address, connected through a VPN, changed the router and disabled the router firewall. Nothing makes the streaming speed increase, so most of the time I'm stuck at 720p!


Sony, in Brazil, already admitted the is a problem, and there are some reddit threads about this issues.


When I bought the TV in 2014 the Netflix service was not available at my country yet and I only subscribe it in 2017, so there was no way I could know I had a malfunction TV before the warranty expired...

Paying for overpriced 1080p TV to watch 720p video is really a bad deal. If Sony cannot fix the issue they should issue a full refund for the money we have paid!



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