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Pandora audio starts when TV turned on

I have only owned this TV for a few days so I’m still trying to learn the interface. I downloaded Pandora and listened to some music, then went back to the TV tuner and watched broadcast TV. Now the Pandora app is in the background, and in fact I can press the “play” button on the remote and Pandora will start playing Audio in the background with the TV video still on the foreground. This is probably a feature that I am fine with. However, now when I turn on the TV the tuner video comes up, (since that was the last thing I was watching) and after a few seconds the Pandora audio begins playing over the TV audio. I have to press the “stop” button to end the Pandora music and then press the “TV” button to get the tuner audio back. The happened every time I turned on the TV until I force stopped the Pandora app. How do I stop app audio from starting and interrupting the tv tuner audio when I turn on the tv?

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Registered: ‎10-24-2017
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Re: Pandora audio starts when TV turned on

Similar situation with new XBR-55X900E (Pandora pre-loaded). Sign in to Pandora and listen to music for a while. Pause Pandora and switch to TV -- all is good. Turn TV off. After "a while" turn TV on again and things are good for about 15-20 seconds, then Pandora audio comes on and TV audio goes off. The solution I've found is to switch back to Pandora and pause it again, then back to TV. All is good until next power-on cycle. Signing off of Pandora avoids the problem, but this is less than ideal as I have to sign back into Pandora every time.

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Registered: ‎10-22-2017
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Re: Pandora audio starts when TV turned on

[ Edited ]

I am experiencing exactly the same thing whereby I cannot turn off Pandora, I can only pause it.


I have just purchased a new Sony XBR49X900E 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD and did a new install of Pandora App on this Android TV.


When I turn on to watch TV or a Netflix movie, 10 seconds into either of the following are playing, Pandora starts playing music.


The only way I can stop it is by going into Settings > Apps Installed > Pandora, and select Force Stop.


This works for the duration of watching TV or Netflix Movie, but not if I perform a power cycle. Pandora goes back into pause mode and starts again after 10 seconds.


This is very annoying and I am very tempted in uninstalling Pandora from my new Android TV. I did not have this problem with Roku.

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Re: Pandora audio starts when TV turned on

I am having the same issue with the Pandora app.  Seems like this is an issue with the app itself.


Would love to be able to open and use Pandora when I want to, and not every time the TV starts.

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Registered: ‎11-27-2017
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Re: Pandora audio starts when TV turned on

I have a  XBR75X850E and have exactly the same problem.  Worse yet, pandora was annoyingly flashing the whole screen white randomly randomly every 20-30 seconds or the text on the screen (song title, artist) would continuiously blink.  Now, I can play music, but when i go to "my music" to change the station it keeps saying Pandora is down for matiance (for the last 3 weeks? really!).  I have uninstalled and reinstalled pandora multiple times.  Reset the power on the TV to reboot android.  I just did a factory reset on the TV and setup the whole thing from scracht.  After all that it still have issues.  This app is ****** and I don't know if I should blame Sony or Pandora, but it's very frustrating. 


It shold be noted that none of my other apps have issues.  Pandora actually works pretty well when i bought this TV in Feb. of 2017.  I was going to by the same model for my other room next week and now I'm not so sure.  I purchased the sony because it had Android TV, but it seems that may have been a mistake.  I wish they would just make a "dumb" TV for less money and I'll add on what ever smart box I feel like.

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Re: Pandora audio starts when TV turned on

I too was experiencing some of these Pandora issues where the music would start up after I power off and on the TV. I found a pretty good workaround that works for me. Instead of using the Pandora app on the TV, I use my android phone and cast the Pandora music channel to the Android TV. First I needed to sign out of Pandora on the TV. My phone is on the same wifi network as my TV. I used my Android phone to start pandora on my phone. Once the music channel was playing I cast the channel to my Android TV. Using my phone is a better interface that the TV app. Now when I turn off the TV, the Pandora app on the TV is not playing in the background anymore. I am not an iPhone person so I don't know if the Apple phones have cast capability.


 I think if Pandora would just allow me to close the app, these problems would be eliminated.


Maybe this will help you too. 

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