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Sony Bravia - Neflix Screen 1/4 Size of Screen



I own a Sony Bravia KDL 55NX720.


I have the TV setup to stream Netflix.  The apps worked just fine and until today, the display size filled up the whole screen when viewing Netflix.  


Today, my 2 year old decided to have her way with the buttons on the remote and somehow managed to ge the Netflix screen to become about 1/4 the size of the TV screen.  


I tried zooming in but that doesn't fix the problem.  It zooms, but doesn't fill up the screen.  The screen size (TV option) and wide button (on remote) are not accessible while in Netflix.  When I use the normal TV, I'm able to select use these options.  Do these options affect how Netflix is displayed?


Please let me know how I can return to viewing Netflix full screen.  This is not a Netflix issue and a TV issue due to menu options being adjusted by my 2 year old.

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Re: Sony Bravia - Neflix Screen 1/4 Size of Screen

As part of the normal operation of the TV, the Wide Mode feature is disabled while any of the BRAVIA Internet Video channels are being used. Go through the steps mentioned on the below link to adjust the video size while accessing Netflix.


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Tuning Up
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Registered: ‎04-21-2013

Re: Sony Bravia - Neflix Screen 1/4 Size of Screen

Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, I've already seen that link and nothing mentioned in it works on my TV.

An up/down key press during a video comes up with "feature not supported." The options button does not have any "full screen" or "actual size" options. I also do not have any available downloads for the software, so I assume I already have the latest.

I have to say, this is quite annoying. I've refrained from using Netflix on my TV. Even Hulu plays without any issues and in full screen. Why are Netflix's display options disabled?
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Re: Sony Bravia - Neflix Screen 1/4 Size of Screen

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You may have to factory reset your television to restore Netflix to full screen. To preform a factory reset follow the

instructions on this website: