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TV rebooting on its own

Hi, Recently new youtube app was loaded on my TV KDLHX850 model. Since then TV is rebooting on its own. Anybody else facing the similar issues?

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Re: TV rebooting on its own

Connect the TV to a different wall outlet. If the TV is connected via a power strip/surge protector, then try connecting it directly to a wall outlet. If the issue is resolved, then the problem is with the power strip/surge protector and not the TV.


Also, check if any Clock/Timer settings are set to ON in the TV. If so, then try disabling it.


Ensure that the Firmware is updated to latest version in the TV.


Does the TV turns OFF immediately after turning it ON or there is some interval between its rebooting? If it takes some time to turn OFF by itself, then try factory resetting the TV.


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Re: TV rebooting on its own

Yes, this is an issue with ALL Sony TVs. I have worked with Sony Tech Support to provide them MANY network traces to help them, but they don't know what they are doing. It appears to be a buffer overflow error in their code that causes this. It is because the TVGuide is connected via an Internet connection. When it receives/processes certain data, it crashes the TV OS which makes the TV restart, but gorked up after it does. Only after it "resets" things overnight, is it OK least until it crashes/reboots again.

Sony has replaced my TV 3 times thinking it was a problem with the TV hardware. Instead it is a firmware issue that they still have not fixed in almost two years that I have been working with them.

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Re: TV rebooting on its own



My android tv keeps restarting and optimizing apps.  It just keeps rebooting and doing the same

thing over and over and over again.  I have tried unplugging it from the power surge protector and have even tried plugging it

straight into the wall and in two different plugs in different rooms.  I unplug the tv, wait at least 2 minutes and then plug it back in. 

It powers itself on when I plug it into the wall and keeps rebooting over and over and over.  It never gets to the screen where I can

change any kind of settings.  The little colorful dots keep swirling, then they go away, then the SONY logo pops up and then the tv says Android is starting; optimizing app 2 of 208.  When it gets to the last app (208)  it powers off and then repeats everything again.  I don't know what to do.   Please help.

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Re: TV rebooting on its own

Were you able to resolve this?? I've been having the same issue. Thanks!
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Re: TV rebooting on its own

Hi Aabmay,


Welcome and thank you for considering the SONY Community!


Greetings and thank you for your message. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist customers outside of the US. We kindly recommend visiting our Sony Global Web site for information on contacting the Sony Support Center in your region at





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Re: TV rebooting on its own

[ Edited ]

****SOLVED**** Posting this here as any search for a restarting SONY TV leads to this post.


TV would cut out and would either randomly restart, or hit a boot loop.

Attempted removing the power strip, no luck.

Attempted another outlet, no luck.

Attempted a reset (if it stayed on long enough to do so), no luck.


DID NOT attemp upgrading firmware. Release notes said nothing about fixing a boot loop issue, and I was worried a reboot during a firmware upgrade would brick the TV.

Changed the power board - SAME FRICKIN PROBLEM.


Throughtout all the troubleshooting, I'd noticed that the TV would turn itself on automatically whenever we plugged the TV in.  I thought this was weird.

***SOLUTION*** Disconnected the internal controls for power, volume, and input, from the main board.  That's it.  That's all.  Just unlatched and pulled out the white ribbon cable.

Minor note: As I disconnected the internal controls (power, volume, and input), I also re-seated the IR cable.  As I'm not willing to do any further testing, I cannot say for certain if re-seating the IR cable, or disconnecting the internal controls (or both), were the problem.



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Re: TV rebooting on its own

That's pretty technical stuff, could you post either more detailed instructions of pics of how this is done? Thanks.
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Re: TV rebooting on its own

Why is it that in every one of these forums the moderators don’t just publicly answer the questions? It would be helpful for everyone who is landing on these pages via google to just get an actual answer
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Re: TV rebooting on its own

Recently solved this..

.I've had the issue of resetting ever since we bought our sony android tv about 3 years ago. Updates over the years have just seemed to have made it worse.

I have never seen anything that's comes close to a solution online. After it got really bad - constantly resetting. I scoured the menu and tried all sorts of settings.

This has 100% fixed it for me:

In menu, go to apps. I found four or five apps I never use (like cracle tv) and uninstalled them or disabled them (when they were inbuilt). Haven't had any issues since. Not sure if i got lucky and disabled an app that was causing some sort of error or if it's just a lack of memory in the tv (which would be bloody annoying given it cost nearly 3000 bucks!!).

Happy to provide more specifics on how to disable or what apps I took off if interested.

I'm also interested if this helps others - because if the fix is as easy as this, what on earth are Sony doing by not telling us or patching it!!!!!??

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