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Registered: ‎09-08-2017
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XBR-43X800E Bluetooth Headphone support


I really have an issue with Sony customer support and documentation.


I had an interest in buying a Sony UHD TV, the XBR-43X800E in fact, but had heard that Sony TV's do not support Bluetooth headphones.


Using Bluetooth headphones is important to me because I use Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones roughly 40% of the time when viewing TV.


So was glad to read that Sony was working on adding this functionality.


I contacted Sony support via online chat and asked whether the XBR-43X800E had Bluetooth headphone capability yet. The rep assured me it does have now and sent me a link to a firmware upgrade for that.


True to what he said, the latest firmware upgrade for that model says "Adds support for the A2DP Bluetooth® profile".


So happily I took the plunge, bought the TV, did a software update to the firmware, and - you guessed it - the TV doesn't work with Bluetooth headphones.


I re-contacted online support via chat and this rep said that model does not support Bluetooth headphones. But could not explain to me why the firmware upgrade says it does. Or the previous rep for that matter.


I called by phone to open a support ticket and that rep informed me that the TV was a Bluetooth receiver only, not a transmitter, and so cannot accommodate headphones. I asked her why that functionality is listed as part of the model's firmware upgrade then, because as far as I know the A2DP profle is for transmission. She could not answer and agreed there is no such thing as A2DP for receiving only.


I am beyond frustrated!


I never would have bought the TV had a Sony person not confirmed for me that this functionality was available. And had it not been confirmed again on the firmware upgrade section of documentation for this model.


And according to the last rep, this model will NEVER be able to accommodate headphones because it doesn't have the hardware!


She gave me the rigamarole about attaching a Bluetooth transmitter to the headphone jack on the TV. But I have High Resolution headphones, Sony's own MDR-1000X and MDR-1ABT, in fact, and can tell you the sound coming from the headphone jack is nowhere near the fidelity you would get with a Bluetooth connection.



So Sony, you got me on this purchase  --- but it may be my very last from you.


Quality of a product is important, but Customer Service and reliability of information disseminated is SO much more important!



Highly, highly disappointed in Sony!





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Re: XBR-43X800E Bluetooth Headphone support

Hi tystiles, I definitely agree with your statement that customer service and reliability of info being disseminated are very vital to consumers. Let me send you a private message. Thanks, Hailey

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Registered: ‎09-08-2017
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Re: XBR-43X800E Bluetooth Headphone support

[ Edited ]


  For the record, Hailey pm'd me and asked for the Reference Number from when I called support.


  But I wasn't given one.



  The phone rep just said she had to register me first, then said the model doesn't support Bluetooth headphones, as I explained.


  That's it.



   Not sure how to proceed from here...




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Registered: ‎04-14-2017
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Re: XBR-43X800E Bluetooth Headphone support

Here is the official list of TVs that are supposed to have bluetooth support after the android 7 update:


However, I find your claim that bluetooth audio has better quality than a wired connection pretty unbelievable.   But, you can get BT transmitters that will use the optical output if you want.

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Registered: ‎09-08-2017
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Re: XBR-43X800E Bluetooth Headphone support


 Yeah, I saw this list before I talked to the original support rep.


 But because he said the 43X800E now offers Bluetooth headphone support AND the firmware upgrade for the model states it, I assumed the list hadn't yet been updated for the model.



 I didn't mean to imply that a Bluetooth connection will sound better than a wired one.


 What I'm saying is a direct Bluetooth connection from TV to headphone will sound better than a connection from a device attached to a headphone port that sends Bluetooth to a headphone.


 A transmission device connecting to the Optical out might fare better. Looks like that may be the only acceptable wireless choice here....




Posts: 639
Registered: ‎04-14-2017
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Re: XBR-43X800E Bluetooth Headphone support

There is really not much information available about the codecs the TV can use.   I don't have headphones but pair my *900E with a sony gtk xb5 speaker on the deck outside the TV room and the sound seems pretty good.   Sony does have their own low latency codec that the speaker would use, but I really doubt if the android tv system includes it.  You may be better off with something that has aptx.

Posts: 22
Registered: ‎09-08-2017
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Re: XBR-43X800E Bluetooth Headphone support


  Sony has its own proprietary HIgh Res Bluetooth codec, LDAC, that's pretty good. But I believe its TVs use standard SBC protocol.


  But in my instance, it doesn't matter!


  Using an outboard Bluetooth transmitter on the headphone jack forces an extra conversion of the audio signal -- within the TV from digital to analog and within the transmitter from analog back to digital for Bluetooth transmission.


  That will degrade the audio signal a lot more than using SBC Bluetooth protocol as opposed to AptX or LDAC.


   That's why I say connecting a transmitter to the Optical Out port may be an acceptable solution -- because it doesn't introduce additional A/D, D/A conversions.







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Registered: ‎09-08-2017
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Re: XBR-43X800E Bluetooth Headphone support


 Update for anyone following this:



 The Forum support person was able to find the Event ID number from my call-in but needed the Serial Number to fully register the TV.


 I was considering returning the TV so was not ready to fully register it....


 ... Yes, Bluetooth headphones are that important to me. But it was not just that. I didn't appreciate being mislead by the first chat support person and the way the second chat support person -- and especially, the phone support person -- handled the issue.


   The phone person was hard to understand, very brusque and seemed to brush off my claim that someone had assured me of this functionality before I bought the TV.



 Anyway, I took a week or so to fully evaluate other features of the TV.


The verdict:


          I am impressed with the picture the TV offers, and in particular it's color rendition.


          I have decided to keep it.



 So, I provided the Forum support person with the Serial Number to complete registration and she is connecting me to a "technical escalation unit".


 Now, since the phone person said the TV does not have the hardware for Bluetooth transmission, I'm not sure what the tech unit can do.


  But what I'm hoping is the phone person is wrong and there is a direct Bluetooth solution... even if the solution would be in a firmware upgrade in the near future.



  Will report back after talking with the tech team...




Posts: 22
Registered: ‎09-08-2017
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Re: XBR-43X800E Bluetooth Headphone support


 Ok, I spoke with a Tech escalation support person and for the first time here, I'm warily optimistic.


 He says that the model TV I have should work with Sony Bluetooth headphones after upgrading to the latest firmware.



 Yeah, I asked 3 times and he said the XBR43X800E should support the headphones at Software Version: PKG6.2648.0065NAA.



 He is having the Engineering department contact me within the next 24 hours.


 Let's see what Engineering says...



 As I said, warily optimistic.



  Meantime, I will do a Factory Reset -- to see where that gets me.


  Tech escalation suggested it and I resisted a bit since (1) I only just got the TV and (2)  I've spent the past week or so fine-tuning the scores of adjustments here to get TV pic and sound exactly how I like it. Hate to go back to Square One.


  Tech guy didn't insist since he confirmed I've successfully completed the Initial Setup process.


  But I'm gonna do it anyway.



  Stay tuned....







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Registered: ‎09-08-2017
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Re: XBR-43X800E Bluetooth Headphone support


 This week's update:



  Well, silly me.


  Last Friday when the escalation guy said an engineer would call in 24 hours, I thought he meant 24 hours.


  So I waited til 7pm Saturday but no call.


  I guess he meant 1 business day 'cause the guy called around 7pm Monday -- but by that time, I was out of town.


   I called back to tech escalations on my return Thursday and the call did not go well.



   This support person again insisted my model does not support Bluetooth.


   I am so tired of the back-and-forth.


    I "took him by the hand" and showed him where it's posted on the Sony website.


    He said "I don't see anything about Bluetooth headphones".


    I said "It's the line that says 'Adds support for A2DP Bluetooth profile'. That's the protocol Bluettooth headphones use".


    He said "I'll have to transfer you to another department but they are closed now. They will contact you in 24 hours.".


    Me. "Wait, aren't you an engineer? I'm supposed to be talking next to an engineer".


    Him. "Well, you didn't answer when he called."


    "Yes, by the time he called I was unavailable. So the guy that will call me in 24 hours will be an engineer, then? Is that 24 hours tomorrow (Friday) or will that be Monday".


     "He'll call tomorrow if he can get to it. Otherwise Monday".


     "Okay then. There was another issue involving the HDMI on this TV. Is that something you can help me with or should I wait to talk to the engineer".


      I gave a brief description of the issue.


      The rep mumbled something REALLY fast about notating the case and put me on hold.


      It took me 20 minutes of listening to music to realize he had effectively hung up on me!





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