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ARC (Audio Return Control) Bravia Sync HDMI Basic Setup Question

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I plan to buy a new Sony TV and receiver.  My goal is to have the TV's sound through external speakers of the receiver. 


1.  I want the receiver hidden away.


2.  I want the TV remote to control the receiver (power on/off and volume).


3.  I want all of the components (DirecTV, DVD, and AppleTV) to be connected directly to the TV and to be switched by switching TV input on TV remote.


Will all of this work if I only connect to the receiver via one ARC?


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Re: ARC (Audio Return Control) Bravia Sync HDMI Basic Setup Question

Hello bfrank-

   Yes this setup will work if you have the receiver connected to the HDMI 1 in (ARC input)  on the TV to the receiver HDMI out so long as both are ARC compatible. You will be able to control volume and power on the receiver from the TV. 

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Re: ARC (Audio Return Control) Bravia Sync HDMI Basic Setup Question

You may have this sound issue if so here is the solution. In setting up the Netflix and Amazon Prime movie apps on my KDL55W802a I discovered that there was no sound from the movie coming through my AV receiver. After lots of hunting I find that the Audio Return Channel (ARC) HDMI cables are correctly installed which is ARC on the AV receiver to ARC on the TV. But what additionally needed to be done was turn on ARC in the Yamaha RX-V673 receiver. Going to receiver settings, HDMI control, and turning on ARC did the trick.


If you don’t have ARC, then just run an optical cable from AV receiver to TV. We have been used to the TV originating sound from the TV programs, but what has changed with Smart TV’s is that now the smart movie applications have to return sound and video to the AV receiver. One HDMI cable labeled with ARC/Smart/v1.4 does the job. Now when Netflix movies play the surround sound comes through the AV receiver and the AV4 lights up. It seems most of the movies are not in surround, so the AV receiver has to do the work of recasting into surround.


Do I like the TV? Yes it is an entertainment center with so many sources of media displayed on that lovely 1080P 55 inch screen. It couldn’t be better. BTW, plan on an afternoon to set up the years free Netflix and Hulu+ what with finding the redemption app, setting up accounts and tiny typing in user name and password. After setting up all you have to do is sit in the recliner and point the remote to get whatever media is in your house and on the internet

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Re: ARC (Audio Return Control) Bravia Sync HDMI Basic Setup Question

Hello all!

If you power the mains to the amplifier and Sony TV together the Bravia Sync does not work (for example after a power cut when power is restored). However if your first power the AV amplifier (mains power from the socket switch) and wait and then after a few minutes apply the mains power to the TV a few minutes later Bravia sync will now work and so will ARC and HDMI controll.

It seems that the Sony TV or the Yamaha software needs to have a delay before an attempt to communicate to an attached AV amplifier or the sync process will not work, even if you manually restart Bravia Sync the Sync will never work.


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Re: ARC (Audio Return Control) Bravia Sync HDMI Basic Setup Question

I think I'm having a similar issue.  I just purchased a Sony 4K (XBR55X810C). Really good picture, but I can't setup the TV in my Xbox One device control settings.  I've got the xbox (and all my other inputs) plugged into the Yamaha Reciever and running and HDMI from the audio reciever to the ARC input of the Sony 4k.  I currenrly have ARC on and the TV won't turn off/on witht he xbox and audio reciever. I'm also not able to select the TV model number on the Xbox One...I can't click "next" to confirm the settings and model number. Essentially- I can't pair my X810C with my Xbox One properly. Anybody else having a similar problem using an Xbox One, Yamaha RX-V479 and Sony XBR55X810C (or another Sony 4K TV) togehter?

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Re: ARC (Audio Return Control) Bravia Sync HDMI Basic Setup Question

This drove me crazy for days

dont have the same models as you but both TV and receiver are Sony and bravia sync compatible

had to change input setup for TV to a random HDMI input (even though its connected via an output)

then had to change input mode to auto

still didnt work

then pressed input mode on receiver remote and manually switched it to auto

now working