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Registered: ‎12-22-2014
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ARC problem on KDL40R350D connected to STR-DH510

I recently bought a Sony KDL40R350D HDTV to replace an old SDTV. I didn’t like the sound (though the picture is great!) and tried to play the sound through my Sony STR-DH510 receiver/AV system. When I connected the cable box to the receiver, the picture resolution dropped from 1080 (where it was when the cable box was directly connected to the HDTV) to 720 but the TV sound would not play through the receiver unless the cable box was connected to the receiver, even though both the Sony HDTV and the Sony receiver claim to have ARC capability and the HDMI cable was connected to the ARC input on the TV and the ARC output on the receiver. I followed all the instructions for the receiver and the HDTV settings, but nothing would get either the TV sound to come through the receiver or the picture resolution from the cable box to return to 1080 unless the cable box was connected directly to the HDTV.

Doesn’t ARC mean that the sound from anything shown on the HDTV will play through the receiver? Or am I doing something wrong?

And, why does the picture resolution drop from 1080 to 720 when the cable box is connected by HDMI cables to the receiver? Shouldn’t it pass-through at the original resolution?

Thanks for any help or advice on getting this to work the way I want it to.

Posts: 77
Registered: ‎12-22-2014
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Re: ARC problem on KDL40R350D connected to STR-DH510

Just a quick update:


The information on Page 51 of the Sony STR-DH Owner's Manual is attached; however, despite what the instructions say, pressing the "Amp" button then the up/down arrow buttons DOES NOT result in ARC being shown in the window - all that happens is that , after pressing "Amp," the word "LEVEL" appears then, when pressing the up/down buttons, the word "TONE" appears and pressing again shows the word, "OFF." No amount of pressing the "Amp" button, or any other buttons after the "Amp" button is pressed, results in the ability to turn on or off ARC!


In addition, using the controls on the Sony KDL40R350D and going into Bravia settings, then HDMI, when the HDTV sends the "Enable" signal to the Sony receiver, a message is returned that "No HDMI components are connected" even though the Sony receiver is connected directly to the Sony HDTV by HDMI cable attached to HDMI input #2 (ARC)!



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