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KBR-55HX950 horizontal black line

just got off the phone with customer service. My KBR-55HX950 has a horizontal black line going through the middle and they basically told good luck find someone to fix it...Mind you its the only TV left that works because my other Sony TV not even a year old 65X930D 4K HDR just decided not to turn on and their Tech couldnt fix it so they are sending a new one..I guess Sony is not the company it was.  The respose from the CS rep, take it to a authorized repair store that is over 1.5 hour away..


Thank you, Sony for the great service. 30 years of sony products office and home and that os what you get from Sony.


I wonder is Samsung treats their customers the same...You cant make this up.....

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Re: KBR-55HX950 horizontal black line

Hello Kfiledoc,


Welcome to the SONY Community!


We are sorry for the bad experience and inconvenience this has caused you. We understand where you coming from and rest assured that we will try our very best to help you. As a token of appreciation for being one of our loyal customers, let us isolate the issue first by performing the guidelines below.


Lines on the screen (vertical or horizontal lines, bands)

Lines on Screen

  • Press the HOME button on the supplied remote control to display the TV menu screen. If the lines appear on the menu screen, proceed to the next item below.

    Lines on Screen

  • Perform a power reset.

    1. Turn off the TV.
    2. Unplug the AC power cord.
    3. Leave the TV unplugged for 2 minutes.
    4. Reconnect the AC power cord.
    5. Power on the TV.
  • Press the HOME button on the supplied remote control to show the menu screen. If the lines are still visible on the menu screen, the TV may require service.


If the issue persists, please send me a private message and attach a screenshot or a picture of the issue.


Best regards, 



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Registered: ‎09-10-2017
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Re: KBR-55HX950 horizontal black line

I already performed all those test and they did not work... 

Attached is the images, notice the yellow line between HDMI2 AND HDMI3.

it appears all the time regardless what I am viewing...

Dr. Gonzaleztv pic 2.jpg

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Re: KBR-55HX950 horizontal black line



My local gym has about 8 Sony TVS around the wall and 5 of them are doing exactly the same as your TV.

I looked behind one of them and sadly its the same model number as yours. (X950).

Looks like yet another Sony fail.

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