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Registered: ‎09-17-2013
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KDL-60R550A will not connect wirelessly with DirecTV Genie

I have spent several hours on the phone with technical support from both Sony and DirecTV in an attempt to get my new DirecTV Genie and my new Sony television operational. Needless to say, I am very disappointed.


I originally leaned toward the KDL-60R550A specifically because it has the built-in RVU receiver for DirecTV. It appeared to get good reviews for the picture quality and I was willing to pay the $300 plus for the upgrade to the Genie. Although I already had whole-home DVR service I had to purchase a Genie.


It appears after all the time on the phone diagnosing the problem, the RVU in the Sony will NOT be able to connect wirelessly as advertised. I even went out and purchased a new router to try and help the issue but to no avail. Sony has even changed (as of 9/16/13) their online instructions on how to connect these two and it can't be done without a wired connection.


Sony falsely advertised that this TV would be able to connect wirelessly. I have been a HUGE customer over the years and own many Sony products. Sony will not be the "one and only" in my future.

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Registered: ‎11-14-2012
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Re: KDL-60R550A will not connect wirelessly with DirecTV Genie

Good morning baja98! I understand that you feel we are falsely advertising that this TV is wireless, and it certainly should be a wireless Television. I know that you mention just the DirecTV needs to be hooked up, but did you try other things such as Netflix, HULU Plus, etc. to see if those work with Wi-Fi connection?

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Registered: ‎09-17-2013
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Re: KDL-60R550A will not connect wirelessly with DirecTV Genie

Yes, all of the channels on the Sony Entertainment Network work great. The television indicates we have a strong wireless signal and a good connection.


I find it odd that Sony updated one of it's instruction pages to add that a wireless bridge or DCCA is needed in order for it to operate wirelessly. I am not sure if Sony did not accommodate in their internal wireless device enough speed in order for the wireless connection to stream video from the Genie or if not enough testing was done prior to the release.


I bought the TV becuase off this feature and also had to upgrade my DirecTV service in order for it to work. Even after I upgraded my router twice, it still does not work properly.

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Registered: ‎12-12-2012
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Re: KDL-60R550A will not connect wirelessly with DirecTV Genie

Both Sony and DirecTV strive to provide a top quality viewing experience. Due to the stability that can occur when using  a wireless network connection and to have the Sony TV connect to the  DIRECTV Genie home server with good and consistent A/V quality on premium channels (like sports, high quality movies and TV shows),  a  wired  connection is the required connection. DirecTV offers the DECA device to make this wired connection simple and easy for their customers.

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Registered: ‎09-17-2013
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Re: KDL-60R550A will not connect wirelessly with DirecTV Genie

After many hours on the phone between Sony and DirecTV, it appears we finally have the TV up and running. It is not set up like I inteded it to be but none-the-less, it is working.


We originally purchased this TV specifically because the Sony ad stated "Dreaming of the day when the clean lines of your beautiful big screen won't be compromised by running wires to a receiver?" My interpretation of this ad was that we would not need to run a wire to the TV or it was wireless. It appears that the TV will stream Netflix and Hulu wihout any problems but will not work with the DirecTV wirelessly as advertised. I am not sure if the wireless adapter in the TV has the speed needed to stream DirecTV or not but it would not work wirelessly.


I thought that our router may have been the problem but after two (2) upgrades on the router, we still had the problem. I finally found on an internet website that a wireless bridge would be needed. We purchased yet another piece of equipment and technially have a wired connection to the TV through the wireless bridge. No one at Sony or DrecTV customer service could seem to get this figured out.


I have always been a BIG fan of Sony. I have spent tens of thousand of dollars on televisions, cameras, printers, home theater equipment, etc. I will admit this is the first time that Sony did not do a superior job of producing a piece of equipment that worked flawlessly. In my convserations with DirecTV, the wireless receiver is still in Beta testing and probably should not even been released. In fact, the customer service rep could not even find it as an authorzied piece of equipment in their system.


Other than the issues with connecting to the DirecTV Genie, it is a superior TV with a great picture.

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