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Registered: ‎10-12-2017
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NEVER buying Sony again.... EVER!

Made an account just to make this post. May never be seen by anybody, but thats okay, I just need to vent my frustration with Sony. 


I bought a kdl55w800c from best buy LESS THAN 2 years ago (Feb 2016)... First year, everything was fine, but then about 2 months ago a white horizontal line near the top of the screen appeared out of nowhere, and it wouldn't go away. I tried all of the trouble shooting solutions I found on the internet, called there techinical service hotline (which basiclly told me to unplug, plug back in, and it it wasn't fixed... though luck!) 


NO, that should not be how it works. If I buy a $1,000 TV, it should last more than 18  months, absolutlely ubsurd. 


Funny thing is, a good friend of mine was TV shopping at the same time... He ended up with a VIZIO, and I went with Sony because the were known for their premium offerings... NOT ANY MORE. THEIR PRODUCTS ARE ******! Customer Service is even worse. 


You couldn't PAY me to own another Sony product. I am sick to my stomach knowing that the $1,000 TV I bought less than 2 years ago is basiclly worthless now, and I now need a new one. No wonder they switched their warrenty from 2-years to only 1-year,,, They KNOW they are selling a bad product... BAD PEOPLE! 


Sorry Sony, I have spent THOUSANDS of dollards on your products over the years, and am now going out of my way to tell everyone I know to BOYCOTT Sony. 


Now I am shopping for a new TV... I think I'll go with VIZIO 


wouldn't be surprised if this post get deleted...

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Registered: ‎10-12-2017
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Re: NEVER buying Sony again.... EVER!

[ Edited ]

Great information regarding sony television. Actually i have been using it since long time, but now a days it is happening as you have discussed. Once i was doing my assignment of dissertation writing help so that i saw this issue. Well now i will must take a look on these. Thanks.

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Registered: ‎10-12-2017
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Re: NEVER buying Sony again.... EVER!

thats cute 

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Registered: ‎10-12-2017
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Re: NEVER buying Sony again.... EVER!

I'm with you! Been buying Sony products for over 40 years. I bought a 19 inch Trinatron when I was in high school. I bet where ever it is today it's still working. Unfortunately I also recently (Jan 2017) bought a 65 inch XBR65X930D which is supposed to be the top of the line TV. I'm on the third one now. First two failed within one week of ownership. Third one lasted 10 months. Sony is sending a part to a local repair service to fix my TV. The only thing is the repair place didn't receive the part because it was addressed wrong. Been waiting for a call back from customer support since 9am to supposedly find the part. Total pain. After this experience that's it for me. The Sony I used to know is dead and gone. I will never buy another Sony product again. A $2,000.00 Tv and 10 months and three TV's later I'm sitting here with a TV that won't power on and an answert forom customer support that they will turn this over to some "team" that will look into it? Totally amazing!

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