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Network error code 5010 and reference code 11

I have a KDL46EX720. I have used the internet features a lot. However, I have not had the ethernet plugged into it for a week or so. I plugged it in tonight to listen to Pandora and watch Netflix, and I keep getting error messages. First, it tells me that my logins have expired and asks if I want to login again. When I select 'Yes', it attempts to do something. I then get an error that is either "The service cannot be accessed at this time; reference code 11" or it is "Configuration failed while connecting--5010". I have never had these problems in the 3 months I have had this tv until now. Does anyone know that these error messages mean? Is there a login procedure that I need to do to re-login the tv itself?

I have reset my router and have given the tv its own IP address within my router. When I run network setup on the tv it says that the physical connection is OK, the local access is OK and the internet access is OK. I can access my home computer media library and my laptop media library, so I think the connection should be good. Please help.
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Re: Network error code 5010 and reference code 11

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Thank you for your post.
From the description of your issue your Television is able to communicate with a server (PC) within your home network. However, it will not connect to outside server. Reset your Television to factory default settings. If issue persists after reset, please contact our technical support team for further assistance:

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Re: Network error code 5010 and reference code 11

How did you resolve this?

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Re: Network error code 5010 and reference code 11

Don't know if this will help.. but just in case.....


I had a wired internet set up.  55" Sony Bravia KDL55HX800.  Wifi dongle which I have never used. TV stopped updating months ago unbeknownst to me.  Pandora and internet services also stopped working.  Error messages with all "network error".  I thought it was possily because of a new TWC modem / router and closed ports.  TWC pointed fingers at Sony and vice versa.  Bottom line, no help.  I checked the software, and the TV software was old.  But I could not update manually via my wired network.  Tried several times to update TV software with various USB devices INCLUDING sony microvault as I was advised by Sony personnel.  No go.  TV would not update and internet services would not work.  My networks by the way were all "OK".  I have other components on the same switch to the same CAT5 outlet working fine.


So I found the wifi USB dongle... thank goodness, 5 years later.  Connected to my wifi set up.  Refreshed internet content.. software updated automatically.  I was able to access all needed internet content.. pandora, hulu, amazon prime video etc on wifi.  Removed the dongle.  Connected back to wired set up.  Everything still works.. Yay!!!!


No idea why the TV stopped updating, but that must have been the start of the problem.  So check your software version and start from there if you are having internet errors that make no sense (working network and connections)

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