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Television - General

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Registered: ‎11-12-2012

PC To TV Via HDMI - No Sound

Hello, I have a 55EX710, and in trying to hook up to my Macbook via MiniDisplay to HDMI, I get no sound. I was hoping that the HDMI would have audio from my Mac, but doesn't appear that way. I then tried to connect a separate audio cable but have not been able to get the HDMI Display and "PC" Audio on the same channel, it's one or the other. I've tried the side port, HDMI3, as well as HDMI4 in the back. I've connected a single connection audio from Mac to PC Audio Port on the back, and also tried using a Y from Mac to the side input. Is there any way to sync HDMI Display with PC Audio?

Secondly, hitting any button on the remote has a slow reaction on the TV. For example, typing in channel 72 (arbitrary channel) takes a while (I've seen it take at least 3 seconds) before the TV recognizes the 7, then the 2. This is the case with any button, like hitting Home, Favorites, or even the Up/Down to go the next channel. Is this how the TV is or is there any way to remove this delay?
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Re: PC To TV Via HDMI - No Sound

If the HDMI inputs work with other source such as cable box or Blu-ray Player on the Television then verify the Macbook settings. When HDMI is connected to source outputting video signal only a separate audio is necessary. If you use HDMI input 4 on the TV, you can connect the Audio cable through AUDIO R/L input (RCA adapter may be required).
For the remote delay issue, try the following:
Replace the battery on the remote control.
Bring the remote as close as possible to the TV’s IR receiver to eliminate a possibility of interference.
Reset the Television to factory default.
If the issue persists after the above steps, please contact Sony Customer Support team: ... KDL55EX710