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Accepted Solution

55 in Sony TV turns off and on by itself

My 55 in Sony TV turns off and on by itself. I turn the TV on and a few minutes later it will turn itself off. A green light begins flashing (it flashes about 30 times) and then the TV turns back on. 

Top 40 Artist
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Re: 55 in Sony TV turns off and on by itself

Hello Karen,

Welcome to the Sony Community.


I'm sorry to read about your Sony TV turns off and on by itself.  Pleasse follow these steps to resolve this issue.

NOTE: Because each of these steps represents a possible solution to this issue, check to make sure that the TV is not rebooting or turning off after completing each step.


IMPORTANT: Some of the features or setting discussed in this solution may not be available on every TV or device. Refer to the supplied operations manual for model-specific information regarding any of the steps discussed in the solution. Manuals for Sony devices are available online through the Manuals/Specs/Warranty.


Make sure that the TV has the current system software (firmware).
Set the BRAVIA® Sync feature to Off on the Sony® TV and other applicable Sony devices.
Set the HDMI® Deep Color feature to Off on the Sony TV and other applicable Sony devices.
Make sure that the devices being connected to the TV have the latest system software (firmware) update installed.
NOTE: Contact the manufacturer or service provider (cable company, satellite provider or Internet Service Provider) of the device for information regarding the availability of the latest system software update.

Make sure that all of the HDMI connections on the devices are secure by unplugging and reconnecting the HDMI cable.
Reset all of the device. Refer to the manual for the reset procedure on non-Sony devices.
NOTE: The reset step should be completed only after trying all of the steps above. Performing a reset may cause the loss of certain personal setting.





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Re: 55 in Sony TV turns off and on by itself

Also, try the steps mentioned on the below support article:

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Re: 55 in Sony TV turns off and on by itself

The same problem is occuring with my Sony LED EX330. And I have applied all the solution provided. But the problem still exists. Even people from Sony Service center took my TV with them for rectification and delivered by saying, we have changed the Mother Board and  your TV is all right now. This happened twice but the problem is still exist. I dont know how trained your engineers are, but I want my TV either to be replaced or the problem should be fix. Otherwise, I have to go to consumer court and I will update these problem and your inability to fix it on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.


Please look in to this matter as soon as possible.


Thanks in advance,

Vishwajeet Singh

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Re: 55 in Sony TV turns off and on by itself

Hi vishwajeetsingh!

Thanks for the message. That is not the news that we want to hear. It appears that you are located India. For further assistance regarding your concern please contact Sony India. They are better equipped to respond to your questions or concerns.
Tuning Up
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Re: 55 in Sony TV turns off and on by itself

Hi Everyone!


 I tried the method sent by an email from Sony and it did not work. Thankfully I kept playing around and searching the internet for answers. I found a link on sony that helps with Sony's turning on and off and the blinking.


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Re: 55 in Sony TV turns off and on by itself

I have the KDL-70R550A model and the TV was turning itself on and off my itself, no lights blinking.

I tracked the problem down to this firmware update,. To fix do a hard reset the TV without connecting to the Internet. It will reload the factory firmware. Set the TV not to automatically load updates in settings,

UPDATE System Software Update
Date: 5/21/2014
Sony has designed the BRAVIA® Televisions software update process to be customer friendly. This software update (version v5.414) provides the following benefits:
Improvements over version v5.413:
Improved performance and stability of the Internet features
Benefits provided by previous updates and included in version v5.414:
Resolves a condition where a popping sound may occur when using the TV Screen Mirroring feature
Resolves a condition where the TV screen may go black when viewing a movie in a darkened room
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