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Registered: ‎03-26-2013
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Connecting soundbar

I am a newbie at audio. I purchased a new soundbar with HDMI connections. I want to connect my Sony TV, to 2 boxes, one is cable box and one is PS3.

On the soundbar, there are
1) HDMI in - HDMI cord from soundbar to cable box.
2) HDMI out - HDMI cord from soundbar to the TV. HDMI port 1

So when I go to HDMI port 1, I get cable TV with the external sound from the soundbar.

How do I avoid switching the HDMI cable from the back of the cable box to plug into the PS3 every single time I want to play games vs watching TV? Do I buy a HDMI cable (plugged into HDMI in on the sound bar) that splits into 2 HDMI cables and put one to the cable box and one to the PS3?

If so, what happens when I am on HDMI port 1 and both cable box and PS3 are turned on? Which one will get the signal?

Probably been done before but its my first time setting this up. I think this sound bar is only set up for one specificed unit (cable box or blu ray player)

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Re: Connecting soundbar

This might be a phone call to sony support.. I'm not sure that is can be done they way you want it.. I'm not a ps3 person, does it have a pass through function on it? i.e. cable box -> ps3 via hdmi -> sound bar via hdmi -> TV you might need a more advanced sound sytem for what you want, I don't know... Call support ad see what they think.
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