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HDR on an x850D Led TV

Is HR always active or automatically output from the android TV for streaming selections like Amazon or Netflix on an x850D TV or does it need to be activated for one of the inputs? It says in the instructions to activate HDMI 1. Wouldn't that only be needed if you were using HIMI 1.

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Re: HDR on an x850D Led TV

[ Edited ]

HDR on the Sony Android TV platform Netfix and Amazon apps or any Andoid  app  in the TV have no relation  to the HDMI port standard or enhanced settings or the HDMI ports  at all they are not external sources like a 4K HDR Blue Ray  player or 4K HDR Roku media player and so on .


Any given HDR production may or may not put the TV into or out of HDR picture mode and bt 2020 color when its starts or is done 

sometimes it can be checked and adusted at startv and finish on the fly in actoin menu > pictrure adustments >pictire mode  ,HDR implys bt 2020 so no need to confirm that on an HDR production in HDR picture mode .


4K SDR , HD and SD content in HDR mode looks like rubbish and sunburnt people so if it does not switch out it should be obvious .


Some HDR prodfuctions will put the TV in HDR picture mode but not back to an SDR pictire mode or the SDR mode  you had when its done playing . 



Lots of variables Neflix seems to be better abiot all that switching than Amazon .


Any given HDR production can look good or terible on any HDR TV so a 1080p Roku is good to have for locked in HDR at Amaon or Neflix on these smart TV platform browsers .



I watch someting like that on the 1080p Roku instead when the HDR looks bad .


TBH  my 55 X850C and the X850D models aren't  all that with  most HDR content the backights  are ~ 580 NIT's  short of peak HDR 1000 NIT spec.  brightnes 



IOW they are barley plauisble on some HDR productions and terrible on others ,they can only peak at ~420 NIT and old 1080p decent CCFL panel can beat all that and push 450- 500 NIT .


1080p LED  avarage is 300 NIT max 4K SDR LED maybe 400 -550 NIT

permium 4K HDR spec is 1000 NIT plus .


1000 NIT  is a good HDR value 400  NIT is a decent SDR value


I keep my X850C at bt 2020 color space and 42 color it uses the Triluminous panel like that and has more vibrant color s and decent color volume like a Plasma TV



2017 Sony X900E and X930E are much better HDR and brighter , 2015- 2016 X930 series aint bad at HDR .


LED wattage and brigtness in  the X850C & X850D are well below HDR 1000 spec .



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