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KDL-70r550a picture cuts off once in a while

I just bought this 70" tv, #KDL-70R550A, for my home theater and for the first couple of days I was very happy with the picture quality. However, after that the screen would cut off and back on every once a while, like the tv was blinking. The sound was not affected. The blinking would come on randomly, and sometimes would do this 4 or 5 times within 10 minutes or so. It doesn't matter if I watch Bluray, DVD or gaming. I checked the firmware and it's the latest listed on Sony website.


It's getting very annoying. I've tried to reset the tv, changed different picture modes and turned off motionflow, changed different CineMotion but it still persists. It was also very embarrassing last weekend when we were watching a movie with our guests. They asked if we have bought a refurbished tv!

I have rehooked my old Vizio LCD to see if this blinking issue was due to some loose connections. The past 2 days this Vizio never blinked nor has it ever done this in the past.


Because the tv is used in my home theater, it was only served as a monitor, so all the sounds are diverted to my 7.1 built-in speakers. The tv is hooked via a 25ft HDMI cable, high speed w/ ethernet v1.4, to a Denon AVR 2807 receiver. All my A/V components are hooked to the receiver. All video signals are converted to 1080p through the receiver, no matter the resolutions. This setting has never been changed since the home theater was set up.


I googled the problem but couldn't find anyone with the same issue. I read the Support section of Sony website and found that video problems could result from using a receiver. Although it did not state what kinds of problem. It states some receiver/amplifier may not be compatible with Sony tvs.


I found this very counter intuitive that a receiver is not compatable with this Sony tv. There should not be any issues of compatability with any brands. It's like saying I must have a Sony DVD player to watch a DVD made by Sony.


I hope a Sony technician or anyone could show me how to resolve this soon. If I can't get this fix in 2 weeks, this tv is going back to the store and the end of my 30 years of Sony support.

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Re: KDL-70r550a picture cuts off once in a while

Hi Derek,


I am sorry to learn about the issue with your new Sony television. 


As you mentioned that all your A/V components are connected to the TV via the Denon receiver, I would suggest that you try connecting each of the components directly to the TV and check if the same issue occurs. This is to confirm if the real issue is with the Sony TV or the receiver.


Refer to the below link for additional troubleshooting steps.,66/p/61659,62766,72631/

If my post answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution."

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Re: KDL-70r550a picture cuts off once in a while

It's not possible to connect every component to the Sony TV directly because all my components are stored in an entertainment center about 15 feet away. The only connection from this entertainment center to the TV is an in-wall conduit that houses a 25ft HDMI cable, hence everything is connected to the receiver. I doubt what you suggest has anything to do with the connection because, like I said in my OP, I connected my Vizio LCD TV back and it never blinked in 2 days. But as soon as I connect the Sony TV back, the same movie I watched with my Vizio, the blinking happened within the first 30 minute. I have changed the output from my Denon from 24fps to 30fps at different resulotions like 720 and 1080i but the problem still persists. I'm begining to think the Sony TV is not able to process the input fast enough so it skipped some frames and therefore the blinking issue.

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Re: KDL-70r550a picture cuts off once in a while

Hi Derek

Did you solve this problem?

I have exactly same problem, and same situation.

I got this tv 3 days ago and hook it up into my home entertainment system.

I have Yamaha receiver and sony 3d blue-ray player and so on...

My problem is even worse. When I turned on blue ray player, tv turned into black and not react. It did not have any issue with my Samsung TV with same set up. My main reason of this purchase was to watch 3D movie with my kids, but it's so annoying to me now. Can you please let me know if you figure it out? I'm thinking to returning this TV now.


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Re: KDL-70r550a picture cuts off once in a while

I'm sorry to know you have picture issue with this TV. Your concern has been escalated for further assistance.

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Re: KDL-70r550a picture cuts off once in a while

Donghun- Please try these steps:


NOTE: This solution will also apply if the picture or video flashes on and off intermittently.

If there is no picture and the TV screen is completely black, there may be a loose connection or an incorrect setting. Follow these steps to try to troubleshoot this issue:


  • This solution assumes the BD player is connected directly to the TV. However, if the BD player is connected to an Audio/Video (A/V) receiver, the steps given below regarding the TV should also be followed for the A/V receiver.
  • If model-specific information is needed to complete any of these steps, refer to the instructions supplied with the product. Manuals are available online through the Manuals/Specs/Warranty link on this page.
  1. Make sure the TV is set to the appropriate video input to receive the signal from the BD player.

    NOTE: Depending on the remote control for your TV, the remote may have a TV/VIDEO or INPUT button that can change the video input on the TV.

  2. Verify that the video output setting of the BD player is either set to Auto or to the type of connection being used.
  3. If the issue is not resolved, turn the BD player and TV off.
  4. Check the cable between the BD player and TV to make sure it is securely connected to both products.

    NOTE: For HDMI® connections, try these steps:

    1. Turn the power off on the BD player and the connected equipment.
    2. Disconnect and then reconnect the HDMI cable.
    3. Turn the power for the connected equipment back on.
    4. Turn the power for the BD Player back on.
    5. In the Screen/Video Settings setup, set the BD/DVD ROM 1080/24P output to off.
    6. Set the HDMI Deep Color output to off.
    7. Set the X.V. Color output to off (this option is not available on some models).
    8. Make sure that the HDMI control setting is set to Off. If using a non-sony BD player, this setting may be called CEC control or the AnyNet function.




  5. If the issue is still not resolved, try lowering the output resolution using one of the following methods:

    1. On the supplied remote control, press the VIDEO FORMAT button twice (only available for some models).
    2. On the front of the BD player, press and hold the STOP button for just over 10 seconds.

      NOTE: Some TVs connected with an HDMI cable may not support a 1080p signal. If the BD player is outputting a 1080p signal, lowering the output resolution may resolve the issue.

  6. Check the Software/Drivers section of the Sony® Support website for any firmware updates.
  7. If a firmware update is listed, follow the provided instructions to acquire the update.
  8. If the issue is not resolved, try replacing the cable between the BD player and TV.

If my post answers your question, please mark it as "Accept as Solution"


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Re: KDL-70r550a picture cuts off once in a while

Bought mine 2 weeks ago does exactly the same thing went thru support just delivered a new tv today and does the same thing tried different hdmi cables now using monster tried 2 different ps3. Have never owned anything but Sony Tv's may have to take back and go with the sharp unless anyone has any suggestions so disappointed
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Re: KDL-70r550a picture cuts off once in a while

I'm sorry to hear about what is happening with your TV. Have you tried all the steps provided by AmandaJ? 

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Re: KDL-70r550a picture cuts off once in a while

I have the exact issue with my KDL-70r550a. Especially when I play a BD disc from a Sony BD player. I did try with another BD player (Panasonic brand) and still have the problem.


It seems like the Display Backlight shuts off whenever the higher bit rate signal being sent to the TV because if I could see the image fainlty on the screen and if I press the "picture off" button twice (OFF/ON) then the picture comes back. This issue happens with both 2D and 3D signals (from BD player) and occasionally with 2D signals from a WD Media player.


The BD player and WD Media Player are connected directly to the TV with high speed HDMI cables (I've verified their functions by tested on other TVs and Players).


Please escalate the issue and have the fix ASAP.

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Re: KDL-70r550a picture cuts off once in a while

I am also having problems with 70r550a losing blu ray picture on random movies. I am running cables straight from the dvd player to the TV. The frustrating thing is it doesn't do it on all movies, just select ones (no rhyme or reason). On some movies I get to the menu fine but when I select play the screen goes black but the sound from the movie is still playing. I have to cycle through the inputs for the picture to re-appear.  I have tried several different HDMI cables, hooking up 3 different dvd players and still I have the problem. Sony, please fix this problem.



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