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Registered: ‎01-12-2018
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I have a kik-70r550a that developed a football sized dark spot about 10 inches down and 20 inches from the right after just over 4 Years. It is obviously out of warranty even though I foolishly bought the extended 2 year Sony care warranty.
There are numerous other complaints on this forum about the exact same problem. I have contacted Sony and after a month of going around, I got an offer from Rhonda for 1260 plus tax to replace this tv. I absolutely am disgusted about Sony’s quality as well as their customer service especially Rhonda. Apparently Rhonda is the only customer service manager that Sony employs as I can’t talk to anyone else.
This is my second Sony tv that is unrepairable. The one before it, my sxrd was part of a class action lawsuit. Maybe that’s what this one needs because obviously sony has quality problems with their panels.
Get this, I called to accept the offer, then they proceed to tell me it’s 1260 usd. I am a Canadian customer so after the exchange I can buy the tv they are offering for the same price at the store. Way to go Sony!!! Your quality is dispicable,and your customer service is even worse. Maybe this needs another class action lawsuit! Who’s with me?
I will never buy another Sony product and will make sure anyone I know will not buy one as well.

If Sony even cares about their customer, someone contact me at
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎01-12-2018
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Re: Kdl-70r550a

Sorry KDL-70r550a

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