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SimulView Updates For Bravia Question/Query?

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I will begin by apologising for this not exactly being in the right part of this forum, but I couldnt locate any other more relevant place.


In a sense, this does refer to support of my Sony device(s) and the technologies so please consider, nor do I wish for this 'cirumvention' to be exploited but understood in a marketing view point...


From what I have been able to research, the only thing stopping my 46HX800 series Bravia television from performing the function called 'SimulView' is whats called the EDID code; a code sent through theHDMI connection letting the system know if its on the 24" Playstation 3D Display... or Im guessing upon its release; the new 84" 4K television, its specific EDID code as well.

I can apparently even send a 'fake' EDID to accomplish SimulView on other Bravia devices, with the only detail that I need the newer 3D glasses do perfrom SimulView spltscreen (I dont mean to cause trouble but ONLY point out this can be done on other 240 Hz Bravia Televisions).


Now, being Sony stock is currently in the toilet, and thats putting it politely, yet they do make the best audio/video products out right now... HANDS DOWN.  Wouldnt they still essentialy sale the same number of $25,000 84 inch 4K displays if they also updated current 240 Hz technology Bravia Televisions to maintain a SimulView Authorized EDID; which would create a second wave of additional new sales to get the newer model of 3D glasses from Sony.


While I doubt I will ever be able to spend $25 grand on anything, and I dont really have an extra $60-$70 bucks laying around... but Id find it and pay for the new spectacles to play in SimulView with my dirty, rotten, screen-chetanest newphew on my 46" HX Bravia!!!


In closing, coming up with an update for other 'cetain' Bravia lines to utilize the SimulView technology would not only create a secondary increase via new 3D glasses purchase, but also a big boost to some comsumer confidence which has been waining as of late... further increasing sales of other Sony and Sony braded techonolgies.


This makes money the same profit as current plans go but also increases that index through accesory sales with a further effect of sales to other Sony departments.  This adds value to the name of Sony.  This increases its worth.


If you think, the moderator, this makes sense; could you please pass it to someone who would have some conection to marketing and/or sales and distribution(s)?


Thank you,


A Concerned Sony Product Investor

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Re: SimulView Updates For Bravia Question/Query?


Thanks for the suggestion.
I will forward this suggestion to our Engineering and Marketing department.


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Re: SimulView Updates For Bravia Question/Query?


I realise this article is about passive 3D televisions Robot tongue and Im talking about active type bravia's, but its time to point out Sony will loose this race Cat Sad if they dont empower more Bravia's with Simulview.  I wont mind that much having lighter glasses so wake up guys!!!


I can give you a garuntee that I will be switching to another manufacturer if thats what is required for me to start enjoying a feature that should ALREADY be on my existing 46HX Bravia Man Mad .  I can also garuntee that if Sony were to show their existing comsumer base they have not been forgotten and update appiciable Bravia sets with Simulview... most will be MORE THAN HAPPY to go and buy the newer glasses that are required Smiley LOL .


If Sony cant understand this, as there are pages on the internet with others faking their EDID and achieving Simulview on their Bravia's and 3D Projectors with no problems (you'd think one would have came back and warned if it was gonna fry a set or not), then I will not be able to consider it wise Cat Embarassed to invest in their product line any longer.  I would also SERIOUSLY question their overall motives for proceeding to failure Robot surprised when so many consumers are giving GREAT IDEAS to bring back the good name of the Sony brand.


I may not have a fancy marketing degree, but I think my real world experience of being a consumer who applauds good choices and chooses to invest in those companies has me covered...


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Re: SimulView Updates For Bravia Question/Query?

[ Edited ]

Here is a link discussing this being done as well as someone explaining this will ONLY have a positive affect on Sony's overall profitability index; through increasing demand for new, various sized Brvia Smart TV's, through increasing demand for the newer, USB rechargable 3D glasses (right now, they are being forced to buy pricier NON-SONY glasses or, harder to do; fake the IR siganl out), through increasing sales of the Sony branded Playstion 3  and Playstation 4 on its release; as well as increasing the level of EXISTING customer satisfaction (which lead to them making Sony purchases in the future).


"I couldn't agree more. If Sony pushed this as a PS3 feature (instead of a specific tv feature), it could cause more people to buy PS3s, cause more companies to work it into their games, maybe even encourage some more PS3 exclusives. If they keep going down their current path then this is going to sell even worse than the Move." - this is NOT me, but this user made even more of a direct pitch as to the profitability of doing this. -Please understand the risk I take giving this to you and the attacks this could lead against me if Sony just makes this not posible.  I leave this link with EXTENUATING hestitation.  Dont screw me here Sony.  It is left to ENCOURAGE your marketing department to understand my voice is not the ONLY voice fo Sony owners out there who have about had enough, as well as increase Sony product value.  This details the money Sony is handing over to others in NOT already understanding the SIMPLE logic of this all. 





Before I go on, I want to insure Sony that if ANY of this information is used to defeat efforts of using Simulview on a device other than the PS3 Display or the new 4K 84" Bravia INSTEAD OF DOING THE CORRECT RESPONSE (if this post leads to the workaround being negated WHILE not updating other 240 hz Bravia's) I will NEVER, EVER, EVER purchase a Sony product, media item, or other branded products as well as discourage ANYONE AND EVERYONE from becoming a future Sony Consumer.


I understand that I am just one customer among many but as I continue to find out more about getting Siumview (or DualPlay for non-Sony devices) and seeing others accomplish this feature; both a generic top/bootom display setup AND actual Simulview (requires something to send the correct IR left/left OR right/right signal to the Sony 3D galsses)... is starting to get under my skin.  I am NOT attempting to sound threatening.  I am simply stating that my home will nop longer be a Sony home.  I am simply stating that my confidence in Sony and their marketing choices will be lower than my confidence in the Amercican Congress members working as a team.


The Playstation 3D Display has been out for a while, its obvious that pretty much only spoiled kids who beg mommy and rich folk that could afford the unit JUST TO USE SIMULVIEW (since thats the only difference in it and other Bravia displays).  Again, I have no fancy marketing degree but at this piont, from on going research I can only start to ask is Sony PURPOSEFULLY looking to go bankrupt?  Are these poor decisions being made to influence their stock to a lower over all buy-out process?  Or was this s simple marketing concept to try and insure sales of the Playstation 3D Display?


Whatever motivation is behind Sony's current path(s) make no sense to MANY of its consumer base... and only p!$$!*g more and more of us off each day we look into things like this for ourselves.  Get right or let me know I should start investing in LG products (who does not seem to limit my DualPlay abilities, as they care about making honest progress towards consumer faith) so I can sale this Bravia before it drops in price to much because we got sick of wiating for Sony to do something towards positive product growth!!!


There is really only the following left to say:




...from looking at the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS Iv spent over the past few years on my PS3 downloadable content AND physical media being obsolete when the next Playstation (PS4) is released and at this point WILL NOT be backwards compatible with my THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in PS3 media (is that all REALLY going to be useless on the next Sony Gaming Console?)... to finding out over the past two weeks the ONLY thing stopping my 46" HX Bravia from utilizing Simulview seems to be a marketing blunder designed to garuntee sales of the TINY 24" Playstation Display (there was a reason I didnt buy a 24" model from the start guys, DUH!?!... I had just purchased  a model almost twice its size) and could reasonably be updated to work with OTHER 240 hz Bravia's.


If the answer is to remove this workaround from happeneing JUST TO MAKE SURE WE HAVE TO BUY THE RIDICULOUSLY SMALL 24inch DISPLAY OR $25,000 4K 84 inch DISPLAY, Sony can be garunteed that will be the LAST SMACK IN THE CONSUMERS FACE WE CAN TAKE.  If Sony's decision to not have kept working on Siumview updates for other Bravia's (being the original E3 anouncment hinted at OTHER Bravia's being updated to utlise this... Sony themselves admitting this is ALL possible) was based on the POOR, POOR sales of the Playstation 3D Display:



Most of us had just recently paid $2000-$4000 for our existing Bravia's.  We kinda thought Sony development had half a brain and would understand that... especially since we were all over the web asking when it was gonna be done.


I will be getting in contact with the member of the Sony Listens team that helped me wihen Customer Service kept screwing things up on me last year.  I think maybe more attention than just posting here will be required, however this thread was essential to create before contacting my Sony Listens Representative.  Im honestly trying to be as polite as possible, being the evidence provves its possible, but Im also done with companies and these irresponsible decisions... then turn around and try and blame those that simply wanted to use the feature that should ALREADY be available.  I will also, once again, be BLANKET faxing every Sony distributor I have contact #'s for to insure this one CANNOT be swept out of site to the bottom of a forum.  At this point, seeing these measures will most likely be required to insure appropriate actions (its not a thought of deficency in your moedration of the forum... I hope) in order to get REAL Sony attention to something that needs attention, one has to shake up multiple Sony departments AND/OR investors!!!. 


OFF TOPIC... it would be nice to see that start changing as well.


Colby, I understand they would not have been able to respond in such a short time but again, I spend more time researching this and SEEING EVIDENCE the only thing stopping it from happening on OTHER Braiva lines is actually Sony's choice... for whatever reason... My faith in Sony is quickly diminshing and I want to post all the factors that may end up leading to me leaving the Sony family.


I just want to go back to being HAPPY with choosing the Sony brand!!!


This will most likely be marked as the 'SOLUTION' although Im unhappy with the suggestion that to use Simulview on my ALL SONY hardware set-up... I must simply start looking at purchasing from LG or Mitsubishi.


If you were to talk to my Sony Listens representative; he would assure you of this United States Marine's DEEP Sony love and fidelis.  However, if this is used to futher frustrate us existing customers... we will be happy to switch to a company that isnt so 'confused' as to what should be provided to its consumers.


Has Sony even paid attention to how well MSFT stock imrpoves when they utilise the current workarounds for the benfit of its consumers... like the recent applauding they gave to a hacker?  Yet Sony's direction to simply remove thye workaround possibility simply srops your stock ever lower?  Doesnt this make ANY sense to you guys at all...

Sony Employee
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Re: SimulView Updates For Bravia Question/Query?

For the ability to use SimulView™  on other Sony TV's. There are products that support this on the market. While Sony does not support and cannot endorse them.,We also are unaware of any of these devices compatability with specific TV models. We suggest contacting them regarding compatiablity with a specific SONY TV model and SimulView™.  You will also need 3d glasses that support left eye view only and or right eye view only. for more information on this check out the following webpage.


you may also try entering the following search terms into a search engine; simulview EDID HDMI


Again to ensure compatibilty with your TV, please check with the vendor who's product you are interested in. Sony can not support or endorse any third party product at this time. 


Thank you for being a Sony Fan and Customer


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Re: SimulView Updates For Bravia Question/Query?

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Re: SimulView Updates For Bravia Question/Query?

Okay... so TonyAtSony says that if I want to enjoy this feature, I should use NON-SONY approved methods?


This is a first... a Sony Employee sugessting OFFICIALLY that I hack, or modify (to even include providing a link to such purchasing practices) my Sony device!!!  Hey, its a free for all!!


Or are you hoing that I negate my existing warranty so Sony wont have to deal with this issue?


You dont need to answer those, just pointing out the OFFICIAL advice I got and how it would have jeapordized my warranty.


So is Simulview something Sony Engineers would implement or would this be a Playstion 3 update, since the PS3 is the only SIMULVIEW tech capable device?


If this is so, will Sony contact a company it ONLY relation being through contractual branding and have them deliver the goods?

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Re: SimulView Updates For Bravia Question/Query?

[ Edited ]

E-3 or Im done with this company.  This is so disappointing to know this is all possible yet Sony finds it in its best interest to give us the technological 'finger', to come and check on if any progress has been made on this topic and see so many other Sony users being COMPLTYLY bruatlized by the regular line of support... very poor form for a product costing in the thousands of dollars (most the time).Cat Mad  Oh, and to boot becuase this thread is getting so popular they decided I must have been a spammer so I just had to REVERIFY my email...


And yet all we want is for the company we chose to be honorable to ACTUALLY be honorable!!!

Seriosuly Sony, this is how a company wants to treat a customer who has had fiath to a degre they should be ashamed of at this point?  You can solve this all by insuring EVERY EXISTING BRAVIA CONSUMER knows you could care less now that they gave you their hard earned money by not doing anything on this by E3 and Ill be selling EVERY SONY item I own, down to my oldschool walkman.  No threat, just a fact so you know why consumer confidence in your organization is so bitter... heck, its all over this forum about how unhappy SOOOOO many are.


So Sony, do you make us all happy LG owners Smiley LOL or do we stay proud we bought Sony Heart to begin with... Kazou-son?  I beleive E3 will show us all your intentions...

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