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Registered: ‎02-04-2014
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Sony LED TV KDL-EX520 display panel issue

I purchased a 40'' colour Sony LED TV KDL-EX520 in Feb 2012. Now I am facing the vertical lines and distortion on the screen, when approached the customer care(complaint no 17583132), they asked to do the Factory settings which I did but the problem still exists. Then an engineer came to inspect the TV. He told me that it was the display panel problem and which needs to be changed and the cost would be around Rs. 22000. I mean after paying so much price for a brand that claims to be of best quality I need to pay almost 40% of the TV cost within such short span of usage makes me think what do you define as quality. I found a lot of people facing this same problem and this to be a manufacturing defect.


I would request the concern authority to take immediate action on this and get my TV display panel replaced free of cost or replace the TV unit itself as
1. I don’t see any point in paying so much for repair purpose with such product, which already is having manufacturing defects.
2. What is the guarantee that after one year the panel does not fail or any other part does not work after the panel is changed, do you expect your customers to suffer and spend their hard earned money on your bad quality products.


So please look into this matter as soon as possible, this is the least Customers of such Branded company which is so Pricey (because the products are of best quality) can expect from such a big reputed organization. I had even sent an email to on 28th Jan 2014 but haven’t received any response as yet.

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Re: Sony LED TV KDL-EX520 display panel issue

This is a United states support community, if you click above on the international support they may be able to help you more. The sets have a limited warranty, I suggest to people I know to get an extended warranty on expensive purchases. #SuperuserBySony
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Re: Sony LED TV KDL-EX520 display panel issue

My most trusted brand is “SONY”,

  So I purchased  Sony LED TV (model No: KDL EX520 32 inch)  and V guard digital stabilizer in 12-8-2011. At that time even thou more cost as compared to other models in market I gone for Sony only . .

But in the month July 2014, I found some discrepancy in TV  that only sound but without perfect picture then I turned off TV . Then after displayed ever thing ok for two times, but then after the same problem(thin vertical lines on entire screen) persisted. 

But with in the 3 years of purchase  I got measure problem in my TV, at that time I expended about 46000/- and spending another 14500/- is genuinely hard to me sir. In home my parents are also abusing me badly.

So please give me extend warranty to my TV.

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Re: Sony LED TV KDL-HX750 display panel issue

[ Edited ]
I purchased sony bravia led backlit kdlhx750 32 inches 3 d tv, 2.3 yrs ago. 3 days ago it started to show twin pic,lining and distorted resolution. I got frustrated bcz same problem occured with one of my frnd's sony tv 2 mnths back n he spent 12000 for this.
I observed one thing abt sony hardwares by using several prodct of sony, tht it is not last going. My sony hometheatre stoped working within 1 year, my walkman stopped after 6 months, my this led also got malfunctioned in 2 yrs.only one lcd 20 inch bravia which i purchased in 2009 is still functioning.
Other brand like samsung n LG are very last going. My father is using samsung lcd tv for last 8 yrs it is still good working. I have seen these sort of problem only wth the sony users. So now I m totally dissatisfied with I hv decided to discontinue my loyality with sony. I hv also mentioned this things in my feedback to sony customer-care services people when they asked my feedback.

I spent Rs58000 for this tv just 2.3 yrs back n now after reading about the same problem from several buyers, for me it is very difficult to believe sony n go for repairing on Rs 12000. I hv packed this TV n started using that 20 inch bravia lcd. When I will have sufficient money I will go for other Brand.

Sorry for my harsh feedback...but you can better understand the pain of a 20000 monthly working person who saved that amount in 5 yrs n purchased that tv just for his desire.
I registered my complain by my mobile no -7736009012 ,they told that they are able to trace my complain just by knowing this no.
If there is any cheaper solution is available for me then kindly pls help me.
Model No- KDLHX750
Serial No-3251108
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Registered: ‎11-22-2014
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Re: Sony LED TV KDL-EX520 display panel issue

Even I have also faced the same problem. I brought Sony LED TV KDL-EX650 32inch in 2012 and now the sony Support is telling that there is a problem in Panel which I have to replace. After buying TV which is so high priced and again I have to pay Rs. 15000 to repair the TV. And that too in 2 yrs.

Now I really doubt the quality of Sony Product.

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Re: Sony LED TV KDL-EX520 display panel issue

Hi rajarshi_009,



Regarding your concern, please contact the Sony offices/Sony representative offices nearest to your place of residence in India. Due to proximity, they are in a better position to respond to your questions or concerns. Thanks.





If my post answers your question, please mark it as "Accept as Solution"

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Re: Sony LED TV KDL-EX520 display panel issue

[ Edited ]

I had purchased a Sony KDL HX 720 46 inches LED TV 2 and a half years back with a 2 years warranty..
I had purchased it from Belgium and brought it to my home in India..
exactly 2 years after the purchase, since the last few months the LED TV has started showing black horizontal lines across..
When asked, Sony says the LED PANEL is spoilt and the cost of changing the LED Panel will be around RS 72000 which is almost as much as the current market price of the TV..Its exorbitant..

How can a Panel get spoilt with just 2 years of minimal use...? my avg daily use is not even 1 hour...
I 'WAS' a big fan and a loyal customer of Sony...but this time I m highly disappointed...
Firstly because my TV is spoilt in 2 years' time which shouldnt have happened
and Secondly coz the repairing cost by Sony is way too high ...Its crazy..
I dont think I will buy any Sony products in Future
Companies like LG/Samsung can provide better products at a cheaper price and with really good quality..

If sony doesnt listen up...It will surely start losing a big part of their customer it happened with Sony Computers and Mobiles..


My sony India complain no is 22589723


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Re: Sony LED TV KDL-EX520 display panel issue

I also had puchased a 32 inch EX 40 model in Jan 13 and I too am facing a white vertical line problem which deteriorated over a short period. The replacement cost for the LED HD panel is stated at INR 20 K which is huge and unacceptable. We could go in for a new tv instead. 


Sony must look in to this and work out a proper solution against this repeatable manufacturing defect. The root cause for the same is stated to be a wipe with a wet cloth which is the general way of wiping the tv screen in India. we had not received any directions to not to do so at the time of puchase.


This is sheer dishonesty by Sony towards its customer and is not good for the company. Word shall spread aroung quite quickly of things are not corrected immediately.


Santosh Shrivastav.

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Registered: ‎06-03-2015
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Re: Sony LED TV KDL-EX520 display panel issue

Did you get any solution for this, if yes, please share as I dont think this company has anything to do with customer service. They are selling TVs with manufacturing defect in panels at really high cost. Did you lodge a complaint in a consumer court or shall we all together make a fresh application.
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Re: Sony LED TV KDL-EX520 display panel issue

Like you said,Sony is selling defective panels at very high cost with no practical solution available in case the panel stops working properly.And it does happen to everyone.IT DOES STOP WORKING.

And SONY is least bothered in solving customers' problems.

I will not be able to join you guys in going to the consumer court because I had bought the TV from BELGIUM and I doubt that comes under the jurisdiction of our country.

But what I have made sure is that I have convinced all my relatives and friends to refrain from buying sony and buy other brands like SAMSUNG which are much ahead in technology and are reasonable too..And most of all,the products offered by them DO WORK as expected,unlike SONY who is only cheating customers.



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