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Sony grand wega has blue dots. How do I fix this

Who do I contact about this. I paid a lot of money for this tv and it is not that old but it is out of the warranty period. The dots are getting worse and the tv is almost unwatchable. Is there a recall on these models or a class action lawsuit. Does anyone know a number I can call to speak to someone.
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Re: Sony grand wega has blue dots. How do I fix this

Hi James,


Welcome to Sony Community!


Please provide us the model# of the TV, so that we can verify whether this TV has any known issue. However, I suggest that you check if blue dots are appearing with all the connected devices of the TV like cable box, DVD Player etc.


If the dots still appear, try changing/adjusting Color temp and Hue options under Picture settings of the TV. Information about these options will be mentioned in the manual. Manual is available for download under “Manuals, Specs & warranty” section of our eSupport website:


If the issue is not resolved, I suggest that you get the TV physically examined by our trained service technicians. You can initiate the service request from the below link:


You can also speak with our Customer Relations team to check if there is any known issue with this TV at:

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Thank you for your post.

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Re: Sony grand wega has blue dots. How do I fix this