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Accepted Solution

TV model KDS-60A2020 lamp replacement

I just replaced the lamp in my tv model KDS-60A2020 & & can't get a picture. The green light flashes 3 times & then flashes red. I tried a power reset & that didn't work either. Please advise. Thank you.

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Re: TV model KDS-60A2020 lamp replacement

Make sure it is seated okay... and the door is on good. The sony web site says it is the lamp door not being shut or installed correctly.,66/p/61659,63345,63367/
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Re: TV model KDS-60A2020 lamp replacement


Follow what truedaystar suggested. If you are already sure that the lamp and the lamp door are mounted securely but still no picture and the power light still flashes in red 3 times, do a Power Reset again. 
If the issue still persists, that may be an indication that the TV is for service. Refer to this link to locate the nearest Sony authorized service center. 
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Re: TV model KDS-60A2020 lamp replacement

Sorry for the delayed response. I was out of town. I believe the inner door is the problem. It seems that while my husband was trying to attach it a small piece chipped of from one of the tabs that holds it in place. Sony no longer carries the replacement door. Neither do Sony's reccomended suppliers. Neither do any aftermarket companies. So a $25 part is going to cause me to buy a new TV after paying $2400 just 4 years ago for this one. I am not happy. 

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Re: TV model KDS-60A2020 lamp replacement

Hi abatekate, was it an authorized servicer that provided you with the part # required?  What is the part # that you are unable to locate?

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Re: TV model KDS-60A2020 lamp replacement

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I have the KDS60A2020 and have replaced the bulbs every 9 to 12 months without an issue.  Recently, after only 7 months, the unit started intermittently shutting down the bulb.  Audio would be fine, but, no display.  I did check the bulb, the connections and the door closing after reading these threads, to no avail. 


Years ago, we had a service person replace a warranty part and told us to never clean out the area of the bulb.  Well, this time, I figured, what the heck?!?!  I used a duster and a bagless vaccuum and blew out the dust.  Vaccuumed more, dusted more, and eventually, the air was free of dust particles.  I reinstalled the 7 month old bulb attached both inside and outside doors and voile'.  Works like new, once again.  I don't know if the dust was causing a heat issue, or if it was dirupting the contacts, but, against my warranty professional's advice, I cleaned it and my son is happily watching his shows, once again.  Thanks for the clue in the other advice and I hope this added notation can help someone else with the problem.