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How to connect VGN-CS215J to a TV set?


A friend of mine was unfortunate enough to get a Sony laptop several years ago. She wants to connect it to a TV set, but the laptop doesn't have an S-video output port or HDMI port. It seems to contain a VGA port. Her TV set has component input ports and S-video ports. Would you please suggest the best way (decent quality at a lowest cost) to connect her laptop to the TV set?

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Re: How to connect VGN-CS215J to a TV set?

Welcome to the User Discussion Forums.
Apologies you are not happy with our laptops,
However to answer your question the VGN-CS215J only has the VGA output for video, as shown on this diagram ... iagram.jpg

Without information about your friends Television, we cannot provide an exact answer, however a VGA cable adapter should resolve your video output needs. be aware since your friends TV is component, the output resolution from the VGA port may exceed the resolution of what the TV can handle, and you may need to adjust the output resolution under Graphic Properties.

Here are examples of the Cable adapters for your convenience
VGA to S-Video / 3 RCA Adapter
VGA - HD15 to 3 RCA Component TV Cable

As for sound, you would need a 3.5mm Male to RCA Audio Y-Splitter
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Re: How to connect VGN-CS215J to a TV set?

Thanks for the reply. I have a follow-up question, though.

Please see ... ost1713279. In this post (#3), someone says this:

"There are only a few video devices that output an S-Video on unused VGA pins. None of the well known display chipsets do this. S-Video is usually found on the 1234 pins of a "TV-Out" connector. These connectors have 4, 7 or 9 pins. Sometimes (e.g. NVidia) the extra pins carry YPbPr analog component."

In other words, using a VGA-to-S-Video cable may produce nothing, which is what happened to the original poster in that thread.

Also, when I searched for the first product you mentioned, I got to this page: That page says this: "make sure the Video Card of your system supports TV (RCA / S-Video) output through VGA Port".

So, my question to you is: does the video card on this laptop really support what is necessary for displaying video on a TV set?
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Re: How to connect VGN-CS215J to a TV set?

Your question is open ended, as we cannot answer what an unknown television ( or any 3rd party TV ) can handle. that answer is best addressed to the TV manufacturer directly.

However we will try our best to answer you.

This is in the marketing specifications of the computer ... Q_mksp.pdf
Max. External Resolution via VGA: 2048x1536

anything beyond this, as stated above, would need a consult to the specs of the TV to find out what input signal it can handle.
Since the Signal from the PC is digital, and the signal for the TV is analog , unless the TV can proccess the signal it wont work.

if a straight cable adapter wont work for your friends TV ( if its an older CRT) you may have to look into a Video Converter Box that has VGA input, and S Video or RCA output. then you would use a standard RCA cable or standard S Video cable connected to the converter box
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Re: How to connect VGN-CS215J to a TV set?

And guess who manufactured this TV set! Sony! LOL

Here's its info:

KZ-42TS1U 2004324
Manufactured in 2002. It cost $8,000 then.

Will this help you give me certain instructions?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: How to connect VGN-CS215J to a TV set?

The KZ-42TS1U Displays all format types of picture in a resolution of 852x1024 (1080i) ,however a component video connection is necessary for the upper end resolutions.

Please note the KZ-42TS1U is not compatible with TV receivers configured with RGB or VGA output connectors as stated on page 14 of the operating instructions.

Your only option would be to try a VGA to Component video converter adapter ( not the straight through cable adapters originally linked. These converter boxes have VGA input, and Component-Video Output and some require their own power source. This option is unsupported, and only a suggestion to try. We have heard of customers with older legacy televisions that have been successful using this method. Still we cannot guarantee it will work for you, and advise holding onto your receipt if you are purchasing the device specifically to connect to your laptop.
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Re: How to connect VGN-CS215J to a TV set?

I think I have the same situation with my VAIO laptop and my big-screen VEGA television ... similar vintage, though it cost less than yours.  So, we need some kind of set-top box?


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