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VAIO - Accessories

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Registered: ‎01-04-2013

I have a vaio control center but can not find viao care to activate internal scans

I have owned this computer for about a year and am only now getting comfortable with it. I was lucky enough to buy it used from a renta place because they felt it was to expensive to rent out and cover repairs. I probubly paid more than I should but still tthought it a better deal and easier fit for my budget .In my eyes viao is the best. I want to use every option available to keep this running top notch and there are a few issues I need to address. I also bought a tashiba laptop for my husband and within only a couple months both computers had the dvd drives stop working. They run but are not recognised. I took them back to the company but all they did was reboot the origional system. I would like ton scan the drives and see if there is a way to get them running. I dont have any warrenties so if I can work it out all the better any help[ out there advise is welcome.

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Re: I have a vaio control center but can not find viao care to activate internal scans

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Hello Laura,


What is the model # of the computer?


Windows 7:

Click on start menu, type: VAIO Care in search box and press enter key.


Windows 8:

Press Windows + Q > type: VAIO Care and hit enter key.


Enter model # to locate VAIO Care and its updates. You may download and install them.


You may provide some additional details to identify the exact issue.


Please mark the solution as Accepted, if you find this information useful.