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VAIO - Accessories

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battery power

HI, I have a Vaio Vpcf1390x model. recently It stopped running on the battery and only on a/c power. I purchased a genuine new battery from sony and it also didn't work, the battery will not charge or provide power to the system. also MY intel processor (i7,840) is unable to turbo boost with the battery in or out it runs at the base clock of 1.86GHz. with the battery in and ac power attached windows 7 64 bit shows just the battery icon (without a/c plug) and accurately reads the battery power level. with the battery out it shows "no battery detected with a/c plug" I haven't tested my adapter yet, but because it wont run without a/c I concluded it probably wasn't that. I am trying not to replace the motherboard fixing this issue. specifically what other components can be involved with the power system? I know the cpu speed is limited on battery power but does the battery not being in normally limit the cpu speed like that?

[according to aida64 the cpu power value is 21 watts, also the gpu speed/power is unaffected.]
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Re: battery power


Welcome to the Users Discussion Forum. We are sorry that your computer is having issue with batter is not detected. We agree with you that the motherboard is the next part in line to think about since you already replaced the battery. You can contact Sony support directly for service options. ... OR=CONTACT
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Re: battery power

i have the saaaame problem with you .... is there any way to make the processor work with its 2.93gh without replacemnet in motherborad ????? help me please Smiley Sad