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Does Sony plan to fix the Vaio Duo 13 WIFI issue?

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I am sorry but I really need to know if Sony plans to fix the WIFI issue with the Duo 13. They have created what is perfect the best Windows 8 tablet convertible but the WIFI issue ruins the whole experience. I know it is costing them a lot of sales because after the first few people complained abot WIFI issues on Amazon, people stopped buying them.


When can we expect a solution to the WIFI problem? And don't waste time asking what is my router version because it seems this issue is affecting all different router makes and is unque to Sony.

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Re: Does Sony plan to fix the Vaio Duo 13 WIFI issue?

Wifi on the Duo 13 is pathetic. In my living room 15 metres from my study where the router is I have one bar signal strength and keep losing connection. By comparison my iPad is full strength. At my office in an open plan area my desk is 10 metres from the router and I have one or two bars strength on the Duo 13 wifi indicator. This ******!
I had a tech guy in thinking that perhaps I had a dud machine. He uploaded latest updates but made no difference. So do Sony plan to do anything about this. If not I am taking my machine back to ths shop for a refund - its not fit for purpose - described as high performance! Who would think that if you buy one of these and you want to use the Internet that you have to sit right next to the router! This is not on Sony - fix it!
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Re: Does Sony plan to fix the Vaio Duo 13 WIFI issue?

Hello thatshowiseeit & badwifi,


Discussion about the Duo Wifi can be seen and are mostly consolidated in this forum thread.


Sony is indeed working on a solution to the reported issues.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Re: Does Sony plan to fix the Vaio Duo 13 WIFI issue?

With the state of the WIFI mess on the Sony duo 13, Somy has sold a productthat is not of merchantable quality. We are considering a law suit agaisnt Sony if they do nto fix this as we have bought several of these computers and on none of them does the WIFI meet minumum standards. It is very weak and it constantly cuts off even when being used with in a few feet of WIFI router. If Sony does not fix this within days, as it has been a probelm for morethan a month we will be forced to return the computers and take action to recover the damages we have already suffered. We expect better from Sony and they are about to lose several 20+ year clients.


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