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Registered: ‎12-24-2014
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Does the DPTS1 support PDF hyperlinks to other local PDF (on the same SD card)?

I can't tell from the user manual whether the DPTS1 (Digital Paper tablet) can be used with massively hyperlinked collections of PDF files on a SD card. The support of hyperlinks to local files is required in my application. I'd also like to know if the stylus can be used to select (activate) hyperlinks. Ideally, clicking on a hyperlink to another local PDF file would open that PDF in another tab.


Can anyone tell me if this is supported or if not, if it is a planned feature for a software update?

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Registered: ‎04-14-2017
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Re: Does the DPTS1 support PDF hyperlinks to other local PDF (on the same SD card)?

As far as I experienced, it is not supported. I just did an update to Version

I had the same idea about indexing my several thousand PDFs within one PDF containing several thousand hyperlinks to locally stored PDFs. This works fine on my PC but not on the DPTS1. Even simple local HTMLs with hyperlinks to local PDF-files seem not to be supported.

This would really help, since in the directory listing there are only 32 files listed per page and the incredible slow page change does not allow to browse/scroll through thousands of files or subdirectories within a reasonable amount of time.


Is there any chance to get an official feedback from the Sony developers?

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