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Hard Drive Removal

Does anyone know how to remove the hard drive from a PCG-F650? Thanks.
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Re: Hard Drive Removal

Hello, welcome to the forums.

for your PCG-F650 it is advised to have an authorized Sony repair technician replace your drive.
Please visit to get started.
or contact chat support to initiate service ... dl=PCGF650

With that said Here are the steps to replace your hard drive.


the data cables if improperly removed can not only damage the cables, but it is possible to damage the components.

1. Remove AC power and remove the battery from the notebook.
2. Tilt back the LCD to 120 degrees away from you.
3. Cover the LCD surface to protect the screen.
4. remove the screw to the keyboard hood on the left side of the notebook.
(The keyboard hood is the long strip above the keyboard with the speakers and power button.)
5. Slide the KB hood to the left to undock from the inner Latches and tilt the hood back gently to rest on the covered LCD without removing the power cable and Speaker cables.
/Note the other end of these cables are connected to the main board/
6. a single screw holds the keyboard down above the drive.
7. Remove the keyboard.
8. The Hard drive with brackets and Data cable are now exposed and visible in the center of the main board on top and only held down with a few screws.

remember the original 12GB drive is a 2.5 SATA HDD manufactured in September 2000 and newer drives may not be recognized by the main board

here is the part number for the original HDD
1-772-509-11 (F650)...HDD(12.0GB)

alternate part numbers for a larger drive have been tested up to 30GB in a similar model that will work with the 650 Software.
1-772-936-11 (F690)...HDD(30.0GB)
here is the contact information of our parts department. ... /index.jsp