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How do I turn off the touchpad zoom thing?

I have a new Sony E series laptop. When I am using Internet Explorer, when I move my finger across the touchpad to move the cursor across the screen, sometimes the screen will suddenly zoom in. When I'm using the touchpad, I'm not looking at the touchpad, I'm looking at the screen, so I have no idea what does that or how to undo it. I have to waste time randomly swiping around the touchpad until if finally zooms back out. It drives me crazy.  


The first time I used this thing, I realized the touchpad really ****** anyway and I avoid using it as much as possible. I plug in a USB mouse instead. But sometimes I do use it, and I hate the ****** zooming thing. How can I turn that off, so all the touchpad does is move the cursor?




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Re: How do I turn off the touchpad zoom thing?

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Hi Fireflite,


You've to just disable the Pinch zoom feature.


The article will do it


Watch this  youtube video about different gesture feature with the touchpad

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Re: How do I turn off the touchpad zoom thing?

You go to the control panel - then click on Hardware - then on mouse.  Once in the mouse go to device settings - then to settings - then click the tick off on the pinch zoom area.  This stops the zooming in and out all the time.