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How do you reset the BIOS password?



I have a Sony laptop where the hard drive went bad. It has a BIOS password on it. I replaced the hard drive and went into the BIOS to change the device boot priority. Now my BIOS password won't work, and after three failed attempts it gives me a 16-digit hash and asks for a one-time password. There's obviously some way to generate a one-time password based on this hash, but I've looked everywhere and it looks like there are people out there who know how to do it, but none of them tell you exactly how. I called Sony support and they told me I had to send the laptop in to get the password removed, but I really don't have time for that. How can I generate a one-time password and gain access to my machine again?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: How do you reset the BIOS password?

Hi dbarney.


A resolution for this issue is available, but for security purposes, this resolution can only be provided by a telephone support representative.


You can contact Sony Telephone Support Here:


Note: To ensure that only the rightful owner is granted access to the computer, a copy of the proof-of-purchase will be required at the time of the call.

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Re: How do you reset the BIOS password?

Call SONY and have proof of purchase.



Othewise you'll need to take apart the whole laptop, find the cmos battery and remove it for a few seconds... in other words, you'll need to know what you're doing.

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Re: How do you reset the BIOS password?

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Re: How do you reset the BIOS password?

I received no help from this contact information. They told me to go to Best Buy. Worst customer service I've ever delt with. Big disappointment. They wouldn't let me talk to a manager or someone who could tell me anything but to remove the cmos batt. Of course that didn't work. I like Sony products but guess I'll have to take my money elsewhere.