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Re: [New Sony Vaio Pro] Wifi Issue!

AdKeyz wrote:

brunello wrote:



ok I've thought that maybe with the newer pieces they've fixed something...

so better watch for a samsung/dell etc...

it's such a shame because at 960€ here (Italy) you can't find something comparable to the pro 13, and my budget it's max 1k €....



I would just like to say that even though I have written here already a few times and I understand the issue, I personally wouldnt completely discourage you from buying the Pro.  .....

 I would have to agree with AdKeyz.  I do not regret buying the Sony and I bought one of the first ones that rolled off the assembly line.  I have yet to go somewhere that had a weak enough signal that I had to use the dongle that I pack just in case.  On the other hand at home if my desk was 5 feet further from the router the unit would be useless and not even connect whereas other laptops work just fine in the same spot.  So there is definitly a real problem and I understand people's frustration.  As to whether it will cause you pain it just depends how far away you are from the router and whether you would be willing if push comes to shove to use a dongle. 

Other than the wifi problem I absolutely adore this unit.  The weight and quality of the screen are like no other unit.  I am constantly checking my backpack to make sure I remembered to put the unit in there since it is so light I can't tell.  I am a programmer and I have to have to full size window up to do my job.  This is the only unit in this size/weight class that can do that for me.  Finally I can work on the Amtrak train for my 1.5 hour ride and BTW the train's wifi connects perfectly.

As for the touch screen I really wanted it and am happy it is there but I find I use it far less than I would have thought.

Posts: 19
Registered: ‎07-12-2013
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Re: [New Sony Vaio Pro] Wifi Issue!

PeterT wrote:

Community Members,


We would like to visit a few members indicating that they have the slow download or drop connection symptom.


Please private message me with your phone number, physical address, model name, and Serial number by 6pm PST if you would like to allow us to visit your home so that we can investigate your wireless issue within your environment.


We are interested in potential candidates if you are located in the following states:


-        California

-        Oregon

-        Seattle

-        Arizona

-        New Mexico

-        Nevada

-        Texas

-        Utah

-        Idaho

-        Colorado

Peter I am in NY so can't be of help.  It seems that you folks are having problems replicating the problem.  


Can I ask you if you have tried this?  Get another laptop (that is known not to have wifi problems).  Hold each of them in your hand and walk away from the router.  Go far enough that the Sony stops working.  You will likely find that you can continue walking away another 10, 20 maybe 30 feet before the other laptop gives out.  This is especially true if you are in another room with walls in between.  Honestly the environment makes a huge difference.  In the right circumstances you would never know this unit has a problem.  As a happy customer I can still tell you it certainly does.  If I move my unit 5 feet further from my desk in my basement office (router upstairs) it stops working while my cheapo Toshiba is cranking out full signal in the same spot.

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Re: [New Sony Vaio Pro] Wifi Issue!

I am in the UK.


Have emailed Sony back to confirm a fix is known for poor wireless range before I send it in.

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Registered: ‎07-31-2013
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Re: [New Sony Vaio Pro] Wifi Issue!

well said elsemman. I am NY too and you have accurately described the problem. In my house, I'm about 10 feet from the router but it's in a different room - internet access comes and goes regularly. Recent driver updates have improved the situation from hopeless to now only loosing signal once or twice per day. In my office, we're i'm further fro the router, it's totally hopeless. Where everybody in our conference room (with varying ages/types of laptops) can get a great signal, mine comes/goes so often as to be useless. i offered a visit to Sony but just reading this discovered not interested in NY
HC Specialist
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Re: [New Sony Vaio Pro] Wifi Issue!

MrGoalie how you now that only 3% of VP13 sold have Wifi issues? Do you work at Sony? I'm a very close friend who is a top executive at Sony Latin América and he told me this Wifi issue affects a very high % of VP13 sold around the world! That is the true reality!
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Registered: ‎09-06-2013
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Re: [New Sony Vaio Pro] Wifi Issue!

Running concurrent download test via (both devices in same physical location)


iPhone 4 - 11.09 Mbps

Sony VAIO pro 13 - 4.9 Mbps




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Registered: ‎09-24-2013
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Re: [New Sony Vaio Pro] Wifi Issue!

To the posters living in states and countries outside of Peter's list . . . I am experiencing the same symptoms you described.  The signal strength drops as I move away from the source, even when older and more technologically primitive machines still have a strong connection.  In my home office, the strength varies up and down continuously and frequently drops altogether.  Peter will see these behaviors in action when he arrives for the home visit on Tuesday. 


Again, the $40 device I mentioned earlier does solve the problem entirely.  I know no one wants to spend more cash after forking over a good chunk of change for the machine, but it enables us to move on with our lives while Sony investigates the problem and develops/tests/releases a solution. 

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Re: [New Sony Vaio Pro] Wifi Issue!

[ Edited ]

@mrGoalie, brunello and other newbies on this thread.

I can't believe we are back to square one in this discussion.

The issue has been discussed in great detail over the 90 pages of this forum. Let's recap:

1) The issue shows up in the area of the weak signal (below -65 dBm) or as typically described "far away from the router" and manifests itself initially as slow downloads and if the signal gets weaker - connection dropouts.
2) Such behaviour is more prevalent in the 2.4 Ghz wireless band.
3) The problem was initially exacerbated by poor drivers supplied at launch for the Intel WiFi N7260 adapter, responsible for the wireless connectivity of the Pro. As Intel gradually improved the drivers, the wireless connectivity improved and now the Pro may function normally, but only in the strong WiFI signal zones (above -65 dbm).
4) People who have strong wireless signals in all locations, where they operate the Pro, happily report "no wifi issue" and confuse the rest.
5) From my personal experience, even small modificaton of the wireless AP location or position changes connectiivity / download rates dramatically.
6) Community members (darck) opened the laptop up and showed that pulling antennas out of the case returns the wireless behaviour to normal (or close to normal) independently of the AP location.
7) Same wireless adapter (Intel N7260) with updated drivers functions normally in Lenovo, Acer,Dell and Samsung laptops.

All the above quite clearly points to the following:
This is a hardware issue related to signal strength received by the wireless card and therefore can not be fixed in software. It is not an inherent problem of the Intel N7260 adapter, but a problem with the way it is integrated in the laptop.

One strong hypothesis is: as wifi antennas are located in the body of the laptop, rather than the screen bezel (as usual), the signal is reduced by carbon fibre body and therefore becomes insufficient for the card to function properly.

Therefore, a significant hardware revision will be needed to "fix" the performance of the internal wireless in the Pro.

Why Sony is taking so long to come to this is beyond me, as the issue is easy to reproduce and should affect all units.

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Re: [New Sony Vaio Pro] Wifi Issue!

I was able to cancel my order.. I was really looking forward to this laptop but given the fact that it seems like everyone is having wifi issues I decided I'd rather not deal with the hassle. I hope they get it resolved soon as I need to purchase a new ultrabook ASAP. 

HC Specialist
Posts: 36
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Re: [New Sony Vaio Pro] Wifi Issue!

scatter I totally agree with you. Your text is excellent and enlightening.

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