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Re: [New Sony Vaio Pro] Wifi Issue!

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I'm talking about opening your vaio on the bottom, taking the wifi card out and installing the $18 card I mentioned.

People who did that with their vaio fit experience no issues and have normal connection speed.

Problem is you lose your warranty when you open the vaio. But it seems to work. I'm wondering if anyone did this with their vaio pro?


Edit: @cbautis2 : If that's true then too bad, but there must be some other wifi card you can try to install into the vaio pro? If the issue on the fit can be fixed by changing the card, I think the issue on the pro could be fixed too by installing a different, older card, that already has working drivers. I don't think the antenna or the case are the problem as we thought it was the same problem on the fit, then found out it isn't.


But you need someone to test it by installing a different card into the pro.

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Re: [New Sony Vaio Pro] Wifi Issue!

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See my previous post and you'll see that you can't substitute any Wi-Fi card you find on the market since AFAIK, only Intel 7260 series and the Broadcom Wireless-AC adapter used in 2013 MBA have the M.2 (NGFF) form factor.


Here's the website where a reviewer removed the cover the Vaio Pro 13. You can see that the Wi-Fi adaper is the NGFF form factor from the gallery.:


I do hope Sony engineers can try this Wi-Fi adapter and see if it fixes the issue:

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Re: [New Sony Vaio Pro] Wifi Issue!

I had two Pros. Both had problems with Wifi but with percetable difference. Both out of the box, newer Intel drivers installed, . One had problem with speed and stability of connection, second "only" with speed. The same place, the same AP. Sony support sad "try to install last FW in your AP'. How can I install newer FW on AP on airport, caffe, work? I had problems with many AP's.

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Re: [New Sony Vaio Pro] Wifi Issue!

cbautis2 wrote:

I do hope Sony engineers can try this Wi-Fi adapter and see if it fixes the issue:

Isn't the broadcom used in the Vaio Duo? Because they also have WiFi issue like the Pro.


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Re: [New Sony Vaio Pro] Wifi Issue!



You guys are killing me lmao,  and  complete silence again  from Sony!  Where is  this data gathering tool from Sony to help debug this issue? 

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Re: [New Sony Vaio Pro] Wifi Issue!

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McNab wrote:



You guys are killing me lmao,  and  complete silence again  from Sony!  Where is  this data gathering tool from Sony to help debug this issue? 

McNab, you did read Peter's last post? Yes? He said he was going in early to help debug the system which means he is at work, working on the problem and not on a forum 24/7 relaying work that is being done. The first is helpful, the second is a waste of time. They are getting ready to release said capture tool, probably another thing Peter is helping with. Techs have two options, answer questions on the forum 24/7 or work on the issues. Pick one. I prefer they work on an issue most of the time and give us periodic updates rather than someone who watches the forum for every post. Anywho, I thought this wan't your problem anymore? Why are you still here? Complete silence indeed, they don't post for 22 hours and all Hel breaks loose. The riders of the apocolypse are coming and the world is freezing over on top of it.


And here I tried to ignore him...I can't...why?

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Re: [New Sony Vaio Pro] Wifi Issue!

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BroMarduk wrote:

There is only one model of the Asus RT-N66U (B1) and the most current firmware is which was released mid-August. is in fact 4 versions old.


Thank you for this advice. I have upgraded the firmware to this last version. with the following outcome:

  • No change with poor signal strength and link quality of 55 on the 2.4 GHz band.
  • the 5 GHz connection which had and still has 100% link quality now pulls the full data rate of  38 Mbps through


Conclusion: the problem is linked with the quality of the link in 2.4 GHz and still points to the antennas... 

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Re: [New Sony Vaio Pro] Wifi Issue!

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Lets review the facts


- There is a problem with the wifi that obviously does not affect everyone but affects a signficant number of user,s. From my experience with the unit it seems to hinge on proximity to the router, the band used and a lot of random environment factors (which support the antenna and case design as the culprit).


- Sony is aware of the problem and want to deal with it.  They have to because if word gets out (and it is starting to) that this product, which at this point in time represents the most state-of-the-art light-weight high-resolution laptop,is fataly flawed it will be a disaster for them..


- There are a lot of knowlegable people on this thread offering credable explanations for the defect but with no practical soltuions (e.g. replacing the case with non-carbon fibre substance) so we all worry that the problem may not be solvable. 


So many of us are trying to decide whether to hang tight in hope of a solution or return the unit.  As I have said before, for me it would not be a deal breaker to pack a USB wifi adapter and I have already done so but have had to use it only on rare occastions thus far.  I think Sony will adress the problem we are probably weeks away and don't know whether the resolution will be satisfactory..

My advice to folks who are not going to be able to live with the possiblity of having to have the USB wifi appendage just return the unit before you get too attached to it and have more setup and config to do on your next laptop.

Looking forward to seeing how the situation unfolds.

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Re: [New Sony Vaio Pro] Wifi Issue!



  Sorry for the delay in response. Yes the team including myself has been in the office from morning to present working on this issue.


We order two routers that we saw was common on this thread:


  • ASUS RT-AC66U Dual-Band
  • ASUS RT-N66U


I just got the ASUS RT-AC66U Dual-Band today.





We've been testing a few days and we haven't seen the issue however our testing was not in a control envirnoment. The results vary a lot because at the time we didn't have a wireless cage to block out unwanted connection that didn't provide us the proper data.


We revamp our test case to match some of the scenarios mention on this Community.  We also have test time in a wireless cage just hours ago so the test is running right now so that we obtain a baseline and then compare it to other scenarios.


Test Example (High Level)



 Test Environment


  • Wireless Cage to block wireless interference (Control Environment)


Test Method


  • Obtain Baseline


1 Pro unit connected to a access Point with no other device connected

Test Connectivity using 3rd party software (Event Log state)

Test Throughout (IPerf / jPerf)

Test Signal Strength (DB) (insider)


  • Multiple units


Multiple device connected to the access point

1 Pro unit connected to the access point

Test Connectivity using 3rd party software (Event Log state)

Test Throughout (IPerf / jPerf)

Test Signal Strength (DB) (insider)


  • Antenna removal from Chassis

1 Pro unit connected to the access point

Test Connectivity using 3rd party software (Event Log state)

Test Throughout (IPerf / jPerf)

Test Signal Strength (DB) (insider)


This is only a high level note.  We will be testing with different channels, frequency, encyption, distance, etc, etc


I may not be able to post our results but we need to work closely with Intel, our Wireless Team, etc and take furhter action such as more testing and potential any counter measures before we release an info to the public. Just keep in mind we are on it.


Now for the Log tool.  Just finish reviewing the tool and creating procedure steps but we will have to wait until we complete the formal process (EULA, blah blah) stuff.  We hope to get this out to you guys tommorrow.  I'm really sorry for this delay.


Bascially use the tool and take a screen shot of the results and post it on this thread. We'll update you on the status of the tool tommorrow.





Step 1 – Software Installation


1)      Download “xxxxx.exe”

2)      Double click on “xxxxxx.exe”

3)      Select “Next” on the main setup screen          

4)      Reader the License Agreement and select “I Agree”

5)      Read the Intel Privacy Notice and select “I Agree”

6)      The installation will begin

7)      Select “Finish”

Generating the Report


1)      Click on the System Tray located on the bottom right hand corner of the desktop

2)      Right click on “xxxx and select “Generate Report”

3)      The report / log will be created

4)      The following folder will automatically open (xxxxxxxx)



oh by the way.  Thank you for all the detail information.  I was able to collect 30 different data points base on your comments.  I may reach out to certain individual if we require additional information regarding your setup.


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Peter Tat
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Re: [New Sony Vaio Pro] Wifi Issue!

Peter - Thank You!! I want to rder the new Sony Vaio Pro - 13 Red Edition - but to know with certainty that the WiFi issues will be fixed when I get it... can you shed some light on this - I am ready to buy!!! Also - will the new Windows 8.1.2 be loaded on the new built units?


Please help!!! Thank you!


Kevin S. - A long time Sony User, Purchaser, and Strong Supporter - Now Undecided>>> HELP!