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Notebook PCG-6H4L (VGN-560P)

I need to get the hard drive out of the subject notebook. There are no manuals that I can find, which tell me how to remove it. Can someone tell me how to do it or at least point me in the direction of a service manual?

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Re: Notebook PCG-6H4L (VGN-560P)

Welcome to the forums.
Before proceeding we highly suggest letting a trained Sony Technician replace the Drive for you.
Please visit

proceeding on self repair you do so at your own risk. there will be no further support.

The VGN-S560P has the Hard Drive underneath the palmrest.
To remove your palmrest you must first remove the Keyboard

(see the step by step instructions on page 102 of your users manual
The VGN-S560P has the Hard Drive underneath the palmrest.

next remove all the bottom screws underneath

Do not simply pull the palmrest free, note there is a touchpad connected from the main board, as well as power buttons. if you do not disconnect these cables prior to pulling the palmrest free you will damage your main board.
also note screw placement as not each screw is the same length.

That is about as far as we can help over the forums, again due to the location of the drive it is suggested to have the repair performed professionally.
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Registered: ‎11-12-2012
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Re: Notebook PCG-6H4L (VGN-560P)

Thank you for your reply. I understand that I am responsible if the notebook is damaged while trying to remove the hard drive and I accept the responsibility. The problem is getting it out. You referenced keyboard removal instructions on page 120 of the user manual. I downloaded it and examined the page and scanned through the entire document. There are no step by step instructions on how to remove the keyboard. The only text on the page is what you see below the line in the following text.

Please, tell me where to get the keyboard removal instructions or send them to me in a reply to this post. They would be mucha appreciated.

User Manual Page 120 Text:

On Handling the Hard Disk
The hard disk has a high storage density and reads or writes data in a short time. However, it can be easily damaged by
mechanical vibration, shock or dust.

Although the hard disk has the internal safety device to prevent losing data due to mechanical vibration, shock or dust, you
should be careful when handling the computer.

To avotd darnagng your hard disk:

Do not subject the computer to sudden movements.
Keep the computer away from magnets.
Do not place the computer in a location subject to mechanical vibration or in an unstable position.
Do not move the computer while the power is on.
Do not turn off the power or restart the computer while reading or writing data to disk.
Do not use the computer in a place subject to extreme changes in temperature.

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