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Screen issues - distorted to blurry

For a Sony Vaio SVS151290X: My screen has had an issue for a long time - the right side (about 1.5-2") is distorted. It's been everything from barely noticeable to some distortion to a complete multi-colored blur. It's completely random. Right now, it's just barely noticable. The video below is a picture I took of it about 20 minutes ago (because this forum won't let you upload pictures - no need to play it) . Only once was it completely blurred to the point where I couldn't see anything on that side. Restarts do not seem to matter (I shut down my laptop regularly and still have the same issue). Is this a software issue, or a hardware issue? Is there a connection problem, or does my screen need replaced? Thanks!


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Re: Screen issues - distorted to blurry

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Hi, Gman91478


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Is this 'distorted to blurry' changes its position or just stay on a specific part of the screen? You may consider these steps and try to isolate the issue: 


  • Power reset - Shut down the unit unplug all connected devices especially the AC power adapter. On the bottom of the laptop, located the battery off button and push it for at least 5 seconds. You may use a safety pin for that. 
  • Test the screen while in BIOS.
  • Boot the laptop into Safe Mode







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Re: Screen issues - distorted to blurry



The distortion stays on the right side of the screen (see my original post for the picture). I tried all three of your steps, but it still appears. In BIOS and Safe Mode, the distortion wasn't nearly as bad - it was only a distorted line at the very top - but it was still there. I even noticed that same line on initial power-up when "vaio" appears in the center before Win10 loads. So, I am assuming it is an issue with the display and/or the connection, not with software?




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Re: Screen issues - distorted to blurry

Hi Gman91478,


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Thank you for the update. Yes, it looks like it is an issue with the screen or display because you still see the distorted line even on BIOS page. For additional troubleshooting, you may also want to try to connect the laptop to an external monitor to rule out if this is a display or screen issue. 


Here is the link for further assistance.


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