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Sony Vaio VGN-P688e



I have two Sony Vaios vgn-p688e laptops that currently wont work.. The first, I had for a while but decided to upgrade to Windows 10 which worked and then, I decided to upgrade hard drive to 128GB and thats when the latop wouldnt turn on. I think I may have disconnected something but I dont know what and won't turn on. The orange battery light does come but turns of once i try to turn it on.. the green inicator doesnt even come so I dont know whats going on. I saw video online with a similar laptop on how to take it apart and upgrade the memory but that was it and not the laptop wont power considering putting back the old laptop to see if thats the problem.


Now the other, is one that I purchased off of ebay thinking can repair that one as well. The laptop will not turn on as well but at least i'm able to see both battery and green power indicator comes on. I'm thinking I may have  disconnected something and now im stuck with two dead in the water VGN-P688e.. I need some help before I consider them junk..

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Re: Sony Vaio VGN-P688e

Hello Suave,
You probably disconnected something other than the HD, because even if the notebook does not recognize the HD, it connects normally.
It may be memory, I suggest you take out the memory and pass an eraser, and then do the test to turn it on again.

The most common notebook error when not powering is the memories. Check them out.

If that does not solve, I do not know what can help you. In my opinion in this case is a waste of time to look in forums when the notebook does not signal the life.
Part of Hardware, is Impossible to say, without seeing the problem closely.

Good luck.

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Re: Sony Vaio VGN-P688e

Thank You for responding...


I read somewhere the site that the memory for these laptops are embeded and only come with 2 gb.Which is the reason why they can't be upgraded...either way..ill take a look and see if I can see it.

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Re: Sony Vaio VGN-P688e

Hi Suave6565,


Welcome to Sony Community!


I sent you a private message for further instruction. Thanks.






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