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Registered: ‎11-12-2012
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Sony Vaio pcg-7a2l Black Screen

My Sony Vaio model PCG-7A2L does not boot unless it is tilted, in other words when the monitor at a 90 degree angle from the base and is is rested on a flat surface while the keyboard is halfway up. (hopefully you get the picture).

I have searched the message board and came across somethings similar LINK: [...] s-sideways

unfortunately it was marked as solved, because OP diagnose of the external VGA was the culprit. My external VGA works fine if and only when it is tiled sideways as mention but when this happens the monitor itself works as well and laptop POSTS.

When the laptop is not at a tilt, it will power on with the status lights as usual, but blank screen both monitor and exernal VGA, what i notice as well is it does not POST either. the CAPS, NUM, SCROLL LED are all lit up and does not go away. When it is tilted the laptop POSTS everything works and the 3 LED mention are off, everything works as normal.

I also came across another link while on google LINK : [...] won-t-boot

What caught my attention is a reply posted:
3- lid shut detector malfunctioning (this was my problem) - clean it out.
Only problem is I cant seem to figure out where is the lid shut detector is located ? This seems logical as i think it might think the lid is still closed hence why it wont POST?


On top of it all, I have also disassemble the LCD Monitor from the laptop to isolate the problem. What I have found is that, the LCD itself isnt the problem sicne the problem still persist, and when I do tilt it the external VGA works and computer POSTS.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and many thanks in advance!
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Registered: ‎11-12-2012
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Re: Sony Vaio pcg-7a2l Black Screen

Hello and welcome to the forums.
If your computer is at a tilt and it works fine, a component on the mainboard is loose. and when in the normal position is no longer making contact.

First- check RAM
remember you stated the lights come on but its blank, this is a no POST issue not a no display issue. your VGA port has nothing to do with this. remove a stick and test, then remove the other stick and swap, if its just a bad stick of ram then great, order ram and if you so choose update to the max for your VGN-FS

for your model 512MB PC-2700 333MHz DDR is the largest supported per slot giving you 1GB. IF both modules are fine in one slot but not the other the board that holds the RAM is your issue.

Next check your DC jack/Battery.
Remove the battery and just use AC and see if it boots normal.
if that doesn't change things, tilt it on its side and charge the battery to full then remove AC and see if it boots under regular power with Just the battery.

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