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Registered: ‎08-03-2015
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Sony vaio programs problem



So I haven't turned on this VAIO PC for like a year, and so when I did about 2 days ago, it had A LOT of windows updates to do. So I did them but some of them didn't work and the computer was stuck on a loop when it tried to turn back on. So, the only solution I had was to put it back to zero, so it went back to windows 8. (the PC model is SVF1521C5E)

but, here is the problem. When it was finished preparing windows 8 for me, I couldn't connect to internet and so I couldn't update windows or vaio update. Even the Ethernet cable didn't work.

So I upgraded the PC using a USB key to windows 10. It's on the list of computers that can upgrade so I thought that I wouldn't have any problems. But I do.

First of all, I'm stuck on the intel HD graphics 4000 graphics chipset, when I have a NVIDIA geforce GT 750M. And I also don't have a single vaio program, not even vaio care!! I can't even find a way to download them!


So that's my problem, I upgraded to windows 10 to fix problems,which it did because I can connect to wifi, or even just use the computer normally but I'm stuck on a pretty bad graphics card and I don't have any vaio programs, so I have a useless "assist" button on my keyboard.


Can anyone help me fix all of this? I want to use the computer again but normally, without any problems.


thank you

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Re: Sony vaio programs problem


Hi nazuo


Thank you for visiting Sony Community! 


"So I upgraded the PC using a USB key to windows 10."


I believe you did a clean install, right? You didn't mention upgrading the OS to Windows 8.1 first. The issue won't be fixed by skipping an upgrade process. We always recommend solving an issue one by one and considering the proper way of upgrading the OS. 


Since we're already running the latest operating system, kindly download and install all the drivers and software from Sony support website. SVF1521C5E appears to be a non-U.S. model


For further assistance, we kindly recommend visiting our Sony Global Website for information on contacting the Sony Support Center in your region at


Best regards,






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