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Re: VAIO Fit slow wifi

Jpz Entertainment,Inc.

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This is a long story and I will try to explain it in a quick synapse of what happened.

Needed a new laptop and decided on the Sony Vaio  Fit 14/15 with Windows 8. $1100 price but it appeared to be a really fast and cool computer.

Got it home and was pleased  with it and then went on the road for a few weeks. I am a comedian and travel a lot .

When I got home I started the new computer up and it was having unstable WiFi issues. After another week of frustrating wonderment of this issue I started to research and found over 30 pages of other customers on the Sony web site with similar problems. Apparently the WiFicard in many of the new Sony's have a issue that Sony as not figured out how to repair, fix, update or to deal with. And the delay or not taking care of this is evident on their own site.  See


I then

*Contacted Sony who said they are aware and working on the issue. So  I wait..and wait

*I then call Best Buy where I purchased it. After two calls I get someone who said we can repair it.  Repair it ? Its not broken. There is a defective WiFi card in the machine that was sold new. Repairs are for broken products. Not for a new item that is defective. The right thing to do is replace it with new computer, another brand or let me have my money back to purchase something else. But I am told “no” due to the I am over the 15 day Store warranty. Of course I am over ,Sony keeps telling me wait. We are working on it. Also Best Buy tells me they can send it to their repair (Another four weeks of waiting) center who will replace it with a new Sony card. That is not the answer if they had read Sony boards they would know Sony does not know what to do yet. ?????

Best Buy does not honor the code of making a customer happy. And they do not understand that when you buy something new. It's Not Broken! Its defective. There is a big difference there I don’t think the  customer service  man comprehends If you bought a brand new TV and brought it home and it had a crack in the screen that would be OK to return. But not a internal WiFi card ?  Sony released this item before it was ready and we all have to deal with the fix or wait for them. Totally irresponsible and unfair to the customer.

  • I next go-to Best Buy in person and plead with a few ( very nice 18 year old kids) but they can't help me. Store policy is all they know.  I say “ when a problem happens you sometimes need to Step up to the plate and make it right” but I get. policy...

  • I go-to the Microsoft Store in the Freehold mall and speak to a very empathetic employee named Darren Flood. He clearly understands the issue and wishes I purchased it there. He says that they would do a full replacement and make sure I am happy. Even if I issued the fifteen day return was past its legitimate time. He said if I liked he can replace the bad card with a new one and there would be a $49 charge. Of course I would have to buy a new card as well. But the issue would  be resolved.

So, I order the card got back to the Microsoft store in the mall. I speak to a new service rep named Kevin. I explain the story and he says it make take a day or so to get this done. I express how frustrated I am and he says he will really push to get it done by the next day. He says this with a smile and reassurance of customer service that I am not familiar with in Best Buy or Sony.

I leave the mall and  get a call on my cell from the Microsoft Store.. , You computer is repaired you can pick up whenever you want.   ...HUH ? I just dropped it off??? I return to the Microsoft store and I am greeted by who? Darren Flood, I spoke to him about two weeks ago about my issue. He then proceeds to tell me how he remembered our conversation How he felt bad and as soon as he saw it was my computer he immediately too care of it and hoped to ease my frustration with the situation. He then smiles and says I know you had a bad experience all around so we at Microsoft are not going to charge you for the repair!  WOW- No it's not the money, its the high customer service that bowls me over. I am super impressed and at the same time amazed that there are people who lead their lives authentically. Thank you Mr. Flood.


Now, who stepped up to the plate ? Microsoft. The store that did not sell me laptop. The Store that is not responsible for the problem.  The store that gave me a solution. The customer service man who did not have to prioritize me, but did.

Mr. Darren Flood has renewed my belief humanity, his high standing customer service, a empathetic approach to handling a conflict and understanding that the way you gain customer is acting Human and not by the book. I applaud Mr. Darren Flood, Kevin and Microsoft for being a team of young conscientious Individual thinkers who act according to their internal feelings of doing what is right to help someone.

I will now clearly make all of my purchases, recommendations and sales of any new products to Microsoft . All based on a the sincerity of one teams great customer service. I also work for many major corporations  monthly such as Toyota, Ferrari corporation etc. and will make sure I let them all to know where to purchase their teams computers. Service like this should be rewarded and applauded.

Thank you for humanity...And by the way, the new card is great. I get 100% rock star WiFi and no loss. Now the laptop is awesome .

Thank you...


John Pizzi







Sony- Customer service is slow to respond and say they care but their actions tell the truth I am shocked at the delay and slow progress of a company like Sony to attend to this. But Now I know for the future to stay away.

Best Buy. I will never make another purchase there and encourage any one else not too as well. Why?Not their prices. The poor customer service and understanding that sometimes you need to make a wave rather than follow protocol. Shame on you....

Bottom line on customer service when there is a problem ? Take care of it quickly and the customer will be happy. Spend time stringing along and you lose your client and belief in the company.

This situation does not say what happened, but it shows the Customer Service of a company. And that says to me ' shame on you Sony and Best Buy" It's a Disgrace...

Microsoft- WOW- I am so impressed with my small dealings with their team that I will purchase all my products from them. Including dumping my company’s dozen Iphones and using Windows phones.

Service like this is what America is all about.!!




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Re: VAIO Fit slow wifi

Got a new Sony Vaio Fit 14E today, similar problems, can get 5 bars in the room of the router, 1 outside, none after about 10 meters. Took it back to the store, they claimed to have fixed the problem, got home, same issue.


WIll get a replacement tomorrow and see if the same thing happens, if so, not a chance i buying with Sony again, ridiculous for a £500+ laptop!

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Re: VAIO Fit slow wifi

Well, I ended up getting a Dell Inspiron witha Core i3 and 4GB of ram as a replacement. I can honestly say that for most of my tasks it works just fine, boots quick. It's a little heavier, and the screen resolution isn't as good, but it was half the price and the wifi works just fine.
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Re: VAIO Fit slow wifi

It will be the same.

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Re: VAIO Fit slow wifi

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Re: VAIO Fit slow wifi

Hi johnpizzi
Thanks for sharing would you happen to know which card is now in the laptop?
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Re: VAIO Fit slow wifi

Hi guys,


I just got my vaio fit 15 (cutom made). I turned it on and directly tested my internet speed on I got 8 mb/s. Then I tested it at the same time with my old laptop and it got 2mb/s (vaio) against 18 mb/s (old acer). Then the vaio asked me to start up again for an update. So I did that and then ran the speedtest again. I got 17.8 mb/s! Smiley Very Happy I guess that my wi-fi card is ok then. (My internet at my house is 20mb/s max).


I live in the Netherlands btw.

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Re: VAIO Fit slow wifi

[ Edited ]

I hope for you that u are lucky and its not a small speed burst. I used  to have that few times. Speed went up but if you start downloading large files 4GB or something it starts to go down really fast Smiley Sad


I end up replacing the WiFi card Intel centrino 6235 having great speed now! reaching WiFi speed of 90Mbit(10MB/sec)  local network.


For people that are interrested to do it themself: The red circles show what u need to remove. remember holding a tiny opject into ur laptop at the botem side for 10 seconds before removing the batery









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Re: VAIO Fit slow wifi

Well guys..

After waiting for 4 weeks(!!!) for my replacement vaio to arrive I feel like throwing it out of the window.

As soons as I started it up and it asked me to choose a wifi network I noticed my home network didn't appear while I was like 6 meters away from my router.

I can't believe that I've waited 4 weeks to receive the same ******ty laptop!

College starts next week and now I'm screwed because Sony can't come up with a solution and doesn't communicate with their customers who pay a lot of money for broken laptops!

I'm gonne call the sales department and demand they send me a sony repairman to install the intel card. I'm sick of this s***!

Sony you better fix my laptop before college starts otherwise F*** Y**!

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Re: VAIO Fit slow wifi

Social media and tech sites, hammer them. It is obvious that Sony does not care about this site. What a shame that in a time when people have less money to spend Sony makes laptops that can NO WAY justify the higher prices they sell them for. I bet their competitors are doing very well.

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