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Re: VAIO Tap 11 Keyboard Stopped Responding


I had the same problem, and I followed the EP0000323846 solution, and with luck it worked for me. My device is SVT112A2WT - it does not match the model stated with the patch but it worked. I'm running Windows 10. I didn't reset BIOS setting or re-install OS - guess I'm lucky enough. I just want to say thank you for posting the info so I can solved my problem. Good luck with your device.


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Re: VAIO Tap 11 Keyboard Stopped Responding

Thanks Dmitry. You got my points.
@Jen, fyi - i've tried pairing, of course it doesn't work. that's why i initiate my discussion.
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Re: VAIO Tap 11 Keyboard Stopped Responding

hi dimitry, i have the same problem with my svt11, did u findout any solution for this. this is very annoying. thank u

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Re: VAIO Tap 11 Keyboard Stopped Responding

Sorry, nothing new from my side. All current updates are installed but still EP0000323846 fails to install. I tried to explore the system with Aida64 which shows that on Port1 Hub3 might be present some HID compliant vendor-defined device with HID\VID_1B96&PID_0F03&REV_0001&Col01.
But no idea if it is anyhow connected with this keyboard and missing keyboard receiver. Neither how to use this info. Sony/VAIO seems to stay aside of customers needs and does not suggest any solution. Pity. The only thing which may help to "cool-down" is that the dead keyboard is ****** even when functioning - non-ergonomic, slow, with frequently missing keys input when typing a just a bit faster... But still, it's better to have it than not...
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Re: VAIO Tap 11 Keyboard Stopped Responding

Just to make it straight - the ****** stands for a bad word starting with "s", with "tty" at the end... Smiley Happy
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Re: VAIO Tap 11 Keyboard Stopped Responding


HI, Dmitry,

1.In my case, the Keyboard Reciever Switch goes gary and can not turn on whenever I experiencing the problem on Windows 8. Now I am running Windows 10 on Tap 11. No matter what kind of OS I am using, I always stay in PC mode. By the way, I disable "Allow the computer to turn off this device" on the keyboard receiver.

2.Yes, that's what I recommand because it worked for me.


3.In my case, the USB Composite Device location is


The information is




It a pity that Sony would not face this problem and fix it.


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Re: VAIO Tap 11 Keyboard Stopped Responding

To: Cybermark.


Hello, nice to "see" you here again and thnx for your post with the info about the USB Composite device.


Of course I failed to find any device with this Hardware Ids and Device Instance Path - neither in Device Manager nor with AIDA.


Next is just for your information - may be one of these days it might come in handy for you.


There are several records in the Registry with "Keyboard receiver" (KBR). According to them I must have the version of KBR (201309060) installed  on my PC with appid EP0000308232 (this can't be find now even with the Google search - while EP0000323846 can be) and install date 20140109 (reminder - I bought my VAIO Tap in April 2014). In the folder C:\Program Files\Sony\Keyboard Receiver\ there are two files - KeyboardReceiver.dll (7 Sep 2013, 74kB) and Version.txt (which contains as I could guess some log records of my update attempts and the ProductGUID={A54FF7A1-896D-4419-9228-A4E177E37EDC} - but this is a unique code of the software allegedly installed on my PC only).

You wrote that in your case it was VID_054C - this Vendor ID belongs to Sony

Registry search for PID_0872 gives nothing. I have only PID_06D9 - this is Sony IR remote control. While yours VID_054C&PID_0872  belongs to an "unknown device" - according to


At this point I have to surrender - being not a developer I do not know what to do next with this info.


If someone with good expertise ever comes across this info of mine and will be able to suggest something in order to fix the trouble - it will be just great.




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Re: VAIO Tap 11 Keyboard Stopped Responding

Hi Dimitry 


I don't whether you find a solution or not but in case of you are still looking, and since one day one maybe in need, I am posting the solution works for me


Just to remember the similarity of the situation


I didn't see the "Keyboard receiver" under  PC Settings > Network > Airplane Mode 

I could not find any entry relating to Keyboard in Device Manager

I could not see the third USB Composite Device under the Device Manager


I tried to install the Keyboard Receiver Firmware (EP0000323846) but unluckily the update was not installed even though I had tried again and again

I tried to download it from Vaio Care but it also did not change anything  


I firstly followed VincentM, God bless also him Smiley Happy

  • Reset BIOS - Turn off laptop and press Assist Button -> select Start BIOS Setup OR while the laptop is restarting, keep hitting F2 key -> Once in BIOS screen, go to Exit tab -> select Get Default Values -> press Enter and Save changes -> Restart the computer.
  •    I should remind here you that my keyboard was working in BIOS but not in Windows 


Secondly rather than relying on Sony updates I used Windows Update to check any update however it was not updating because of, I think, some Catches so I deleted the documents in C>Windows>Software Distribution and surprisingly it started installing and asked for a reboot. And I am now luckily writing this message via keyboard 


 After successfully installing Keyboard Receiver Firmware Update version 1.88 now

  1. I can see Keyboard Receiver under Airplane Mode
  2. Keyboards option in Device Manager
  3. and the third USB Composite Device under Universal Serial Bus Controllers (if you still wonder what is written in Properties>'Bus reported device description' for this, it is 'WUSB Dongle V1.88')


I hope it can work also for you

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Registered: ‎04-17-2016
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Re: VAIO Tap 11 Keyboard Stopped Responding



just noticed that you posted this message - thnx for your suggestion!

But before I will try to do this I would like to ask you some questions:

1. Are you running Win 10 (or Win8/8.1)?

2. What version of BIOS is on your PC? (R1140V8 or R117V8? Or, may be, some other?)

3. Your phrase "my keyboard was working in BIOS but not in Windows" - did I get you right that
    the original Sony wireless keyboard (supplied with Tap 11) worked normally when you get into
    BIOS menus - so, you could key in symbols using this keyboard and move the cursor using
    arrows keys and/or touchpad?

4. Re: the folder "Software Distribution" - do you mean that you deleted ALL folders and files in it?
    I checked mine - there are some folders there, many of them are empty; all file/folder names do
    not allow to suppose what kind of software they are related to. At least, nothing that may hint on
    keyboard/keyboard receiver...

5. Do you mean by "and surprisingly it started installing" that your system automatically begun to
    download and install the Keyboard Receiver Firmware Update version 1.88? If yes, do you think
    that all your actions (i.e. Get Default Values and erasing the content of the Software Distribution
    folder) somehow expedited the installation of EP0000323846?


Sorry for too many questions and thanks in advance if you find a couple of minutes to respond.





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Registered: ‎06-08-2017
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Re: VAIO Tap 11 Keyboard Stopped Responding

Hi again,


Sorry for delay but I have just realised your message


1-windows 8.1 pro


2- R1170V8


3- yes you are right; the original Sony wireless keyboard (supplied with Tap 11) worked normally when I got into
    BIOS menus including touchpad.


4- Delete all the documents in Software Distribution because in some cases, like of mine,  this document stop the Windows Update Service and the Background Intelligent Transfer Service. press Ctr+A and delete all 


5- Then go to Windows Update, ask for updates and install, if necessary, manually the updates. It will presumably ask for a reboot.   AGAIN: Empty the folder 'Software Distribution' otherwise you cannot possibly download updates because until I deleted all the documents in it I could not install and update the Keyboard Receiver... In sum, yes  I think,  my actions you have listed, "somehow expedited the installation of EP0000323846"


Hope it will work for you as well


Have a nice day



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