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Registered: ‎08-05-2013
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Re: Vaio Duo 13 Wifi Problem - No Wireless-N, Low data rates

Phylos, what country are you in?
Also, to Sony representatives, why are only some people being contacted about a solution? I've made numerous calls to Sony documenting the problem, yet I have heard nothing besides buying a USB dongle (which I did the first week I bought the computer).
If there is a new line being released, or it can be fixed by a replacement wifi card, why is it taking Sony so long to contact everyone?
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Registered: ‎09-25-2013
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Re: Vaio Duo 13 Wifi Problem - No Wireless-N, Low data rates

Hi all,

My duo 13 had return from Sony Service Centre this afternoon. I was really furious about the response from the engineer and service centre. The engineer report stated that the test of wifi connection is "passed" and nothing has been done about the unstable wifi and low data rates.

I agreed to send to the service centre because they said they can fixed it within 5-7 days. What they did just a test on wifi and send it back to me! Totally waste of my time!

I had called Sony Online UK after this ******s and asking for refund. Luckily it is still within the refund period.

My experience for this Duo 13 is awful and it is a nightmare. First waiting for a month due to the SSD production issue then this rubbish wifi connection. Sony, you really let me down.

Wish Sony will solve this problem for who own Duo 13 and can't refund. Good luck the group.
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Re: Vaio Duo 13 Wifi Problem - No Wireless-N, Low data rates

i ordered a replacement for my unit to see if it will fix my on pff noise issue and if the wifi may be better on a new unit . If the replacement unit does not solve the problem i am done with Sony for good and will cancel PS4.

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Registered: ‎08-15-2013
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Re: Vaio Duo 13 Wifi Problem - No Wireless-N, Low data rates

[ Edited ]

Sony had better learn real quick on providing better service. Apple would not have released a computer with such a severe wireless issue and they would respond much quicker if the customer needed help. I have said it before - I"m amazed how I don't see a Sony moderator chime in on this discussion. So far the Sony response to the Duo 13 issue is very disappointing.

I have heard the 'story' of Sony about to release a fix any day now since the Duo 13 was first released.  The tale about a revised model to 'fix' the wireless issue is also hard for me to believe.  I really get furious reading that an external usb adapter is said to be a fix for a $2000 computer.  That is just totally unaceptable.  I am curious about the yet to be released Sony Flip but my bad experience with the Duo 13 has tarnished the Sony brand forever for me. I might be shopping for a new MS Surface 2 Pro when they release them in October 2013.  I have not heard of a single complaint with the wireless on the Surace.  Sony, you blew it with this Duo 13 and have lost customers - maybe forever.

Posts: 8
Registered: ‎05-08-2013
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Re: Vaio Duo 13 Wifi Problem - No Wireless-N, Low data rates

Well said . i couldnt agree more with your statements ... when i saw the last keynote where the Ceo Kaz said he is happy to see the progress on his goal of house is pretty much a warehouse for Sony products .... and apple .... of my next DUO is another multi issue dissapointment i will return it and go for the machine i sjould have gone with from the beginning ..... macbook . Already looking online to sell my Xperia ZL if i have to go down that path..... its really sad ... i should have the replacement on Tuesday.... when i first ordered this thing i was soooooo excited .... made in Japan ..... yeah not what i was expecting .

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Registered: ‎09-29-2013
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Re: Vaio Duo 13 Wifi Problem - No Wireless-N, Low data rates

  • What is the exact issue?  (please be specific)

   I loose wifi signal at 5 meters from the access point


  • What is the Wireless Driver Version installed?

broadcom 17/04/2013


  • Brand and Model name of access point (Router)

  DLINK dsl 2750b


  • Firmware version of Access Point (Router)



  • Approximate Distance of notebook to the router or access point

5 meters

  • Security type (WEP, WPA, etc)



  • Network type (A,B, G, or N)



  • Freq Type : 2.4Ghz or 5GHz



Posts: 9
Registered: ‎09-02-2013
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Re: Vaio Duo 13 Wifi Problem - No Wireless-N, Low data rates


I too am having issues with weak wifi. I have a Vaio Duo 13. Please let me know what work around is available along with a long term solution. When I contacted online support they advised me to contact customer service department to have it repaired.



Posts: 6
Registered: ‎09-30-2013
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Re: Vaio Duo 13 Wifi Problem - No Wireless-N, Low data rates

He folks,


The wifi issue was very troubling for me when I was deciding wether or not to pull the trigger on this well spec'd machine.


I purchased the i74500U 256gb model, and I am happy to report that wifi connectivity is not a problem for me at all. I even purchased a small usb wifi antennae just in case, but I am consistantly hitting 27 mbps, only 2mbps slower then my wired desktop.


Luck of the draw? Or perhaps the more expensive models are not seeing this problem?

Posts: 33
Registered: ‎09-13-2013
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Re: Vaio Duo 13 Wifi Problem - No Wireless-N, Low data rates

For those considering buying a Vaio Fit, 'think again' seems to be sound advice:

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Registered: ‎09-25-2013
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WiFi/Bluetooth, Freezing problems

[ Edited ]

Any news, hope with DUO 13? What is going on with this laptop? There is somewhat WiFi problem but I have a more serious problem. Constant Bluetooth and freezing problems.. Lots of embrassements in front of hundres of people. Yesterday, another embarrassment: Speaker didn't work while I was using a Bluetooth clicker!! I had it without audio as I wouldn't spend several minutes in front of an audience to fix it (which means only hard reset, nothing else is working, I have to hard reset at least twice a day to unfreeze this laptop).


No viruses, no missing file or consistency file/system errors, uptodate drivers, no nonsense downloads/ programs.. What is happening?? I have had this (loyally) since its inception in the first week of July, I cannot return it, and cannot live with it!!!  Shame on me for trusting...


Just a quick note: I am in front of hundreds of higher education people almost daily!!! And people know exactly what brand of laptop is constantly embarrassing me from its logo.


Sony take this computer back. I deserve this as I had used only Sony computers since almost day one Sony introduced its first PC's in 90's. Please respect your loyal customers...

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