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VAIO - Hardware & Networking

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Vaio Duo with Windows 8 touchscreen problem

I got a Vaio Duo for Christmas, but only used a couple of times since I wasn't too fond of Windows 8 and I find a hassle to configure it with the tools I use so I keep using my office laptop. A few days ago I had a long weekend and I decided to complete the configuration of the Vaio. I noticed that everytime I tried to open the charm menu in order to configure the wireless the charm will close suddenly, at first I thought I was doing the finger swaps wrong, I changed the orientation and it seemed to work, later I noticed that even without touching the screen it will show the bubbles it usually shows when your finger is pressing the screen, around the upper left corner of the screen. At first I was afraid it was a virus or a remote mouse software I installed, even the pen but it keep happening, the worst part is that even trying to write is cumbersome because the focus would go to that area of the screen. I just finished doing a full restore but the problem still continues. Anyone knows if this is a driver problem? or I'll need to take it to the support center?





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Re: Vaio Duo with Windows 8 touchscreen problem

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Hi kenpty.


Try calibrating the Touchscreen following all the steps mentioned here:


Next, follow all the steps mentioned here to troubleshoot the issue:


Note: It is required to take backup of all the data before performing the system recovery, as it erases everything from the computer.


If the issue persists, contact Sony Service Assistance Team here to initiate a repair:


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