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Registered: ‎04-12-2017
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Vaio No display, Fan spins, HDD, USB working fine

Hi, Vaio Model VPCEB24EN , No display problem after Sleep Mode.

[b]Origin of Problem:-[/b]

I kept my VAIO on SLEEP mode for 2 hrs.It was quite hot. I pressed power button but Then it didn't came out from sleep,waited for 10mins. Had to unplug AC plug then tried to restart.(No battery, I operate it on direct AC adapter)

[b]Problem:- [/b]

There is a common problem with 2 subsequent cases.

PROBLEM is there is No Display.

[b]Case 1:- [/b]

I tried to RAM sticks to switch in between Slots tried one by one on both slots... So the first case is When I tried 2GB RAM stick on particular slot (Say slot 1) then
" No display, No led blink, Connected Mobile using MicroUSB Cable... it Charges Phone, Fan spins without noise for few seconds (say (7-8 secs) then loud fan spin noise ...But it keep spinning until I unplug AC adapter."

[b]Case 2:- [/b]

When I try 2nd RAM(1GB) stick to slot 1 or 2 ..or I try Previously tried RAM(2GB) on Slot 2....

Then " No display, LED blinks for caps and HDD, can hear HDD, Connected Mobile using MicroUSB Cable ,it charges phone...Fan spins without noise twice... like first it spins then it was going slow and then again it spins normally ... and whole process lasts for 5secs ... Means Laptop shuts off in 5secs in case 2 , whereas in case 1 it was keep spinning fan at high speed with no LED blink for caps or HDD..."

[b]I Tried :- [/b]
1) I tried pressing power button for 5,30,60,120 secs.
2)I tried swapping RAM sticks on slots, and tried one by one.
3) I disambled Laptop and Cleaned the FAN.
4) I can't see any damage to RAM slots or RAM sticks.
5) I haven't cleaned the thermal paste of CPU or GPU.
6) I checked LED backlit with torch to see if there is inverter fine. there is no dim display.
7) I tried to connect it to TV with LED but no display.

[b]So what else it could be..????
Plz help to find if it is Motherboard or GPU or RAM or anything else....[/b]
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Re: Vaio No display, Fan spins, HDD, USB working fine


Hi, Smartb66


Thank you for visiting Sony Community! 


For further assistance regarding your concern, please contact the Sony offices/Sony representative offices nearest to your place of residence in Asia Pacific region Due to proximity, they are in a better position to respond to your questions or concerns. 







If my post answers your question, please mark it as "Accept as Solution"


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