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Vaio Pro 13 Keyboard Repeat Problem

So, two days ago I noticed keyboard repeat stopped working.  If I hold down a key, it appears once on screen and no more.  But then when I let go of the key the repeats suddenly appear (up to a max of approx 10, never more!).  This makes certain applications unusable.


As always with keyboard repeat probs, the first thing to check is Filter keys under Ease of Access Center.  I ensured this was off.


Interestingly, I tried switching it on and then repeats started working but the repeat time is very slow, unfortunately Filter Keys has a minimum repeat setting (at least in the UI) of 0.3s which is too slow so this isn't really an acceptable fix.


Insinctively this felt like a software issue, so I resinstalled Windows 10.  But the problem persisted from the start.  


I have a few other things to try tonight:

  • See what happens with my USB desktop keyboard or Bluetooth tablet keyboard
  • Try booting to a different OS via USB stick
  • Run a full Sony Vaio factory restore to Win 8


But in the meantime, has anyone else had this problem?  Any ideas?  Could it be a hardware fault?  My 4 year extended warranty runs out in June so just in time if there is a hardware failure! (this will be the 5th return!).


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Registered: ‎03-06-2015
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Re: Vaio Pro 13 Keyboard Repeat Problem

So, did a full factory reset and the problem persists.

I couldn't actually get my USB nor bluetooth keyboard to work at all but that's probably something Im doing wrong or they just aren't compatible.

Sound like a hardware fault?
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Re: Vaio Pro 13 Keyboard Repeat Problem

Hi jezza101


Welcome to Sony Community!


We're sorry to hear about the issue with your keyboard. You've mentioned on your other post that you reformat the laptop but the issue still persists. 


We highly recommend visiting our Sony Global Web site for information on contacting the Sony Support Center in your region at to assist you with this issue. 

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Re: Vaio Pro 13 Keyboard Repeat Problem

I returned the laptop and they performed a "keyboard reset" what ever that means, and now it works.


Repair was quick and painless - thanks Sony.  Although that's 5 repairs on this laptop!!  

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