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When turn on my laptop it gives three beeps and display does not come

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Could someone help me out. I use a Sony Vaio VGN AR51J model laptop. I have a serious problem. My lap display does not come on. When turned on it gives three beeps and thats it. It works well but the display does not come. Before the display is totally gone, dotted verticle lines appeared when the machine is turned on but not always. Occasionally. There was no other abnormalities noticed. The display was perfect. If someone can help me out please and give me some idea as to what could be the problem.





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Re: When turn on my laptop it gives three beeps and display does not come

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Seems you have a very old computer. Three beeps is indicative of a video card error. The video card may have overheated and unsoldered itself due to overheating or just failed in general. Options are limited with such an old model.


You have three options, one if which is hard to find/do.


1. Find a shop that can reflow the graphics chip back onto the motherboard, grab a copper shim and some thermal paste, coat both sides of the shim with a thin layer of thermal paste and place it between the heat sink and the GPU (after wiping away the old thermal paste with isopropyl alcohol. This is much more of a DIY and you need to find someone who can reflow your motherboard which can be harder.


2. Send it to Sony for repairs. This option will cost you. Motherboard replacements are not cheap. You will also be responsible for shipping.


3. Buy a new laptop. The cost of repairing the laptop will likely be more expensive than buying a low-mid end laptop. Seeing as your current computer is using a Core 2 Duo processor, any new laptop will be able to work much faster than what you have now.


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